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VW ID.4 vs ID.3 – Which To Choose?

Tesla has been the number one EV manufacturer in the world for quite some time now. However, recent data suggests that German automaker VW is quickly gaining pace.

The VW ID.4 and VW ID.3 are the two most famous electric vehicles from the brand and here we compare both these vehicles. This will help you in determining which the better option out of the two is:


The first aspect of a vehicle that you note is the exterior styling. The two vehicles vary drastically in this regard.

That’s because while the VW ID.3 has a hatchback-like appearance, the ID.4 takes the form of a crossover or an SUV. This makes the ID.4 bulkier and bigger looking that the ID.3.


So, if you prefer smaller vehicles for city driving, ID.3 should be your choice. However, if you like to make a lasting impression with a bigger vehicle, you should go for the VW ID.4.


When you step into the interior of both vehicles, you instantly get to realize that they belong to the same family.

The minimalistic design of the two cars shows that VW has adopted an approach where it is trying to prove that less is more.

The centre screens of both vehicles are receptive to touch. Like most modern vehicles the screens on both vehicles serve as both infotainment systems as well as climate control.


It is to be noted that while the size of the centre screen tops out at 10-inches for the ID.3, it goes up to 12-inches for the ID.4.

However, some individuals complain that the quality of the centre screen is not that good which leads to a relatively nagging experience.

The steering wheel controls on both vehicles are also quite handy for quickly changing the audio settings and for receiving calls.

Which Is More Spacious?

While the ID.4 looks bigger on the outside, dimension-wise it has the same width as the ID.3 but still on the inside, it feels wider and more spacious.

Storage Space

The storage space of the ID.3 is just 385 litres whereas that of the ID.4 is 543 litres.

This makes the ID.4 the vehicle of choice for those looking for long road trips.

That’s because such people get much more luggage space.


So in short the ID.4 is more practical and if you are looking for an experience where you don’t just get a bigger vehicle on the outside but also the inside, the ID.4 is the one to opt for.

Driving Experience

Both vehicles provide very different driving experiences. The ID.3 is much more nimble and enjoyable to drive in city traffic than the ID.4.

However, if you prefer to sit high in the vehicle for better road visibility, the ID.4 will suit you more.

Motor & Range 

The base variant of the VW ID.3 has a motor that puts out a total of 112 kW and can take you around 350 km on a single charge.

However, if you choose the upper-end Pro and Pro Performance variants, you get around 108 kW and 152 kW respectively.

Both these vehicles step up the range and are capable of covering around 424 kilometres which is an impressive figure.


The Pro S model of the ID.3 is the best in class and with this variant, the range increases to 589 km which is quite imposing.

The ID.4’s entry-level model is quite basic, covering only 343 kilometres thanks to its 52 kWh battery pack. It is not a quick vehicle by any standard, and the 0 to 62 mph time is around 9 seconds.

The range and power increase as you level up. The ID.4 Pro Performance model has a battery capacity of 77 kWh and can travel 518 kilometres.

The ID.4 GTX model takes performance to the next level, producing around 224 kW. It also has a 77 kWh battery, giving it a range of around 483 km.


The VW ID.3 is capable of charging at up to 100 kW and this fast charging means that the charging times are slashed.

While the company claims a peak charging rate of 125 kW, several tests have shown that the vehicle is capable of achieving up to 131 kW as well.

Final Verdict

Both VW ID.3 and VW ID.4 are capable electric vehicles. They have their fortes and which one you would like depends upon your preferences.

However, one fact cannot be denied: the ID.4 is more capable and utility-based than the VW ID.3.

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