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VW ID.4 World Car 2021. Is it?

The Volkswagen ID.4 electric crossover won the award of the 2021 World Car of the Year after competing against some of the best names of the automobile industry in the second round. 


This vehicle’s architecture is based on the VW’s most dedicated MEB architecture. The high-performance vehicle is designed using cutting-edge technology of high-voltage battery system strength from Volkswagen Group Components in Braunschweig.

The VW ID.4 battery showcases the high performance and excellent safety. With an attractive design, good range on a full charge, fast charging, over-the-air software updates, decent tech, and an affordable price, VW ID.4 surely deserves this award. 

How Volkswagen ID.4 is Different from Volkswagen ID.3?

The VW ID.4 is the second model released in the ID series after the launch of Volkswagen ID.3. With a crossover SUV body type, ID.4 is the first-ever fully electric SUV crossover under the company’s umbrella. Contrary to that, VW ID.3 is a five-door hatchback with 4 or 5 seats.


Similar to ID.3, the electric motor of ID.4 is located at the rear side of the body and churns out a torque of 150 kW.

The ID.4 by VW is powered with a battery pack of 82 kWh capable of towing up to 12 tons. When the battery is fully charged, the estimated driving range of ID.4 is around 400 kilometers.


Having said that the battery power in ID.4 is enhanced as compared to all the battery options available in VW ID.3 with the highest battery power option of 77kWh. 

Unlike ID.3 that was released in Europe only, the new vehicle in Volkswagen’s EV line is released in the US as well. 

VW ID.4 Market in Europe

After the release of VW ID.4 earlier last year in Europe, this full-electric SUV easily made its way to the top of the sales chart of European battery-electric vehicles. 

Last year the company was able to sold more than 33,000 units of its newly launched ID.4 SUV in Western Europe only within the first eight months.


Being the only full-electric crossover SUV in the market, the industry experts believe that the success of VW ID.4 in Europe marks a new beginning of electric cars in the region. 

The Last Words

No doubt that with an incredibly great combination of good specs at an affordable price, the VW ID.4 is a well-deserved winner of the Car of the Year 2021. The company has fulfilled its clear mission of an electric car for millions, not just for millionaires with its full-electric crossover SUV ID.4. 

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