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Volkswagen ID Buzz Is Finally Here

VW has was an early adopter of the EV revolution and thus the company has seen tremendous results, thanks to its ID.3 & ID.4 models.

When it comes to EVs, VW is excited to expand its product range as it has realized that future sales will be dominated by this segment.

The company is committed to reaching sales figures of 1 million electric vehicles by the year 2025 which is why the newly launched microbus is vital.

The Volkswagen ID Buzz has been a highly anticipated vehicle in this regard because its teasers have been in circulation for a long time now. However, it has finally arrived in the European market.

Two variants of the vehicle have been launched for now which are

– ID Buzz;

– ID Buzz Cargo.

Where Will The ID Buzz Be Manufactured?

The VW ID Buzz will be manufactured at the main factory located in Hannover. This is the same site where the company manufactures other commercial vehicles.

The battery pack assembly for the vans will also be shifted to this facility in the future.

The location is looking forward to a €100 million investment for a battery system assembly.

Availability In The US

According to reports, the microbus will not be available for purchase in the United States until 2024. It will, however, differ from the European model by having a longer wheelbase.

Based On The Modular Electric Drive Kit

Both ID Buzz and the cargo variant will be based on the MEB, which is the company’s modular system.

This system makes use of common parts which are used interchangeably among the various vehicle of the group.

The use of the MEB system is likely to bring down the production cost of the ID Buzz and thus we expect it to be offered at a reasonable price.

However, for now, no information about the price or estimated range of the vehicle has been revealed.

Battery & Performance Figures

The VW ID Buzz will have an 82 kWh battery package. The microbus will have a single motor powering the rear wheels.

Here are the specifications of the vehicle:

  1. Power: 150 kW;
  2. Torque: 229 lb-ft;
  3. Top Speed: 145 kph (electronically limited);
  4. Wheel base: 117.6 inches;
  5. Length: 185.5 inches;
  6. Width: 78.1 inches;
  7. Wheels: 18 inch (steel);
  8. Charging from 5% to 80% in 30 minutes;
  9. 10 inch infotainment display with the ability to upgrade to 12 inches.
Ability To Energize Houses

The cargo variant of the ID Buzz will have the ability to transmit power bi-directionally using which it will be able to power up homes.

Passenger & Cargo Space

The ID Buzz will have 5 passenger seats and a cargo capacity of over 1100 litres when the rear seats are folded down. The cargo variant will have a storage capacity of approximately 3800 litres.
Exterior Paint Options

The exterior paint of the microbus will be offered in 11 different colour combinations with the two-tone setup option also available. This will aid the microbus in instantly standing out from the crowd.

Here are the different paint options:

– White;

– Silver;

– Lime Yellow;

– Blue;

– Orange;

– Green;

– Black.

The two-tone options will be as under:

– White & Lime Yellow;

– White & Blue;

– White & Green;

– White & Orange.

Features Missing From The ID Buzz

An important aspect to be kept in mind is that while the 2017 concept model of the VW ID Buzz was launched with several futuristic features, the presently launched model doesn’t feature them.

One such example is the lack of Autonomous Mode. The concept displayed a retracting steering wheel which is nowhere to be seen.

When Will The Sales of VW ID Buzz Start?

The VW ID Buzz will be available for purchase in Europe during the third quarter of the current year.

Final Verdict

The ID Buzz seems to be a promising vehicle. However, only time will tell when interested customers in the US will be able to get their hands on one.

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