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VW ID California As The Type 2 Van Of The Future?

Does VW ID California have a chance of being called the Type 2 van of the future? In this article you can find an answer.

The Volkswagen Type 2 is one of the most iconic vans that the automobile sector has seen. This one of a kind van has been in production for around five decades all across the globe on four different continents.

VW ID.California blue one

This van was introduced in the post-World War II era in an effort to assist the struggling German economy. However, over time, Type 2 became synonymous with a workhorse utility vehicle.

What Is ID California?

VW ID California will be an all-electric van that will be released in the US market soon, and Type 2 fans will undoubtedly love it because of the resemblance between the Type 2 and ID California is uncanny.

So, is it a mere coincidence or has VW played wisely by launching a van in the footsteps of one of its most successful products ever?

The VW ID California is expected to be a variant of the ID Buzz vehicles. It will, however, differ from other ID Buzz models in that it will be a camper van.

VW ID.California near the ocean
Its Been A Long Time Coming

While the company first announced the ID Buzz vehicles in 2017, fans have been anxiously awaiting the launch of these electric vans, which have given people who previously loved the VW brand high hopes, owing to the high standards VW had set with the Type 2.

World’s First Electric Camper Van?

Even though fans have been waiting for the van for over three years, it is expected that the VW ID California will become the world’s first electric van with a camping feature, surpassing the Nissan NV200, which is expected to be based on the famous Nissan Leaf electric vehicle.

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t the first time VW has offered a California-badged camper van.

As strange as it may sound, these camper vans have never been offered in the US market, despite the fact that California is a US state and the name implies that the United States will be the first market to receive such a van.

Will ID California Be Able To Match The Success Of VW Type 2?

This brings us to the next and most important question: whether or not VW ID California will be able to replicate the success that the VW Type 2 achieved.

For a myriad of reasons, it may be premature to respond to this question. The first and most obvious reason is that the VW Type 2 was a utilitarian vehicle that could easily go places, which is all that is required from a camper van.

VW ID.California yellow van

Being an electric van, the ID California will feature instantaneous torque that might make it an even better off-road capable camper van than the Type 2 but the big chunky batteries will put additional weight on the van making it beefier which can somehow restrict the overall capability of the ID California.

Another major impediment to VW ID California’s success could be the issue of range. While the original Type 2 could easily be refilled with a jerrycan, the ID California will not be able to travel as far.

This may be disheartening for those who have high hopes for the VW ID California, but as with all other EVs, this is something VW will struggle with, at least initially.

Final Verdict

It’s too early to say whether or not VW ID California will be able to match the might of the VW Type 2, but we have high hopes because VW, as a reputable brand, understands exactly what its clients want when purchasing a camper van, and that knowledge is likely to be transferred to ID California as well.

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