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What Can We Expect On The Roads Of The Future

As the world is headed in an entirely new direction, we expect that the roads of the future are going to be different from what we presently see.


Several energy experts, scientists and artists are now looking forward to this untapped field.

They believe that while the world is working so hard in the EV segment, little effort is being put in when it comes to the roads themselves.

What Changes Do We Expect?

Some of the changes that we can expect in the future include:

Glowing Road Markings

Roads of the future might have glowing road marking. These will be made up of special paints which will absorb light in the day and then shine brightly at night.


This will not only help drivers but will also make such roads more aesthetically pleasing.

EV Charging Roads

Another change that we anticipate is not too far from us are highways that will charge the electric vehicles travelling on them.

Roads With Fast Internet Connectivity

As the world is getting more advanced, even cars are likely to gain the ability to communicate with each other.

This will allow them to gain data about traffic, weather and the best possible routes.

Thus, we believe that roads in the future will have fast internet connections and thus no matter where you go, you will be able to get access to the internet.

This might seem like a thing of the future, but it might happen within the next decade or so.

Is The World Getting Ready For That?

As the world is experiencing more energy demands than ever before, scientists now know that they need newer technologies to accommodate the changes.

Electreon Setting Up EV Charging Roads

The world is getting ready for adopting the EV revolution and companies like Electreon are already putting in efforts to provide an effective mechanism for charging EVs while on the move.


This will offer great help in reducing the stress on the EV charging infrastructure.

Solar Roads By Shandong Pavenergy

A Chinese company called Shandong Pavenergy has also launched a great initiative by placing solar panels on a massive area comprising 19 square kilometers.

French Solar Roads Also Playing Their Positive Role In Energy Generation

Similarly, a French company called Colas has also set up solar panels on 2800 square meters.

Shell is also working on adopting a new type of bitumen that will have a lesser impact on the air quality.

The special constituents of Shell’s new bitumen are likely to reduce the air pollutants by as much as 40%.

All these are the types of roads we can expect from the future.

What Interesting Facts Should We Know?

One of the most interesting facts that you must know is that researchers from the Cardiff & Cambridge universities are already working on self-healing concrete. This can then be used for highways.


The most intriguing part is that this concrete makes use of bacteria to heal itself. Sounds weird? Well, it’s true.

Is Something Already Being Done In Europe?

The glowing road markings mentioned above have already been implemented in the Netherlands by Daan Roosegaarde.

Rather the technology is not new as it was first introduced in 2014 and received global acclaim.

Similarly, the works of Colas in France are transforming the European highways to roads of the future.

Final Verdict

The roads of the future, like the vehicles of the future, will be much different from what we know today.

However, we believe that these roads will not just make the lives of drivers easier but will also provide them with more prospects.

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  1. All that most Governments and EV manufacturers want are EV only roads where EV’s can communicate with each other to ensure safe vehicle distances and communicate changing weather and road conditions. EV charging will improve with shorter charging times so these inductive charging lanes will not be necessary. Keep these inductive charging lanes for stationary traffic such as taxi stands and home charging. What will be need to improve navigation during seasonal weather changes will be side of the road navigation beacon’s to aid where telephone and GPS signals can be effected. We are already seeing Motorway rest stops having quick charging stations and that should increase. Back to roads. Better use of water dispersement road technology should be used. Already in roads in the U.K. they have on major Motorway routes this technology where the road surface disperse large the water quicker and the tyre (tire) noise is greatly reduced. Potential we should see with self driving vehicles and improved road infrastructure a much safer driving environment. 👍

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