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What Does Tesla’s “Master Plan Part 3” Mean?

Tesla is known around the world for its cutting edge technology. This is why the world of technology is highly interested in what the company means when it says Master Plan Part 3.

Expanding The Company To Extreme Size

Well, in simple words, Tesla is looking forward to expanding itself to extreme size. This is what the company’s CEO Elon Musk revealed lately.

It is worth noting that the company has previously completed Master plans 1 & 2. These plans have been the reason behind the success of Tesla.

In his recent tweet, Musk revealed more details about the company’s plans. He stated that the Tesla subjects will be scaling to extreme size.

The billionaire focused that this is vital if the company intends to take humanity away from fossil fuels.

Going Just For Massive Production Capacity Or Beyond It As Well?

This is not something entirely new. Tesla has already revealed its plans of achieving a production capacity of 20 million vehicles by 2030.


This sounds humungous but considering that the world is all set to undertake this revolution, it makes sense. After all, Tesla is the number one EV automaker in the world for now.

However, reaching this number won’t be easy at all. To take into perspective how huge this figure is, you must remember that even the most renowned automaker groups like Toyota & VW presently produce around 10 million vehicles annually.

Ramping Up The Supply Chain Might Be On Tesla’s To-Do List

Tesla might now be considering scaling even the supply chain of materials required for EVs and their batteries.

Some of the issues that have currently forced the company in going down this lane include:

– Huge demand for EVs;

– Growing competition in the segment;

– Rapidly increasing difficulties in terms of material supply for production.

Master Plan Part 3 Might Not Be Limited Just To Tesla

Another fact that makes the Master Plan 3 particularly impressive is that it involves not only Tesla but its sister companies as well. These include:

– SpaceX;

– The Boring Company.


This is not the first time that the Master Plan involves companies other than Tesla as well.

Part 1 & 2 had a fair share of SolarCity as well. These plans were announced in 2006 & 2016 respectively.

Prospects Of The “X” Company

The Tesla Master Plan Part 3 has also ignited the debate about the “X” company. According to rumours, this company will include all other companies owned by Elon Musk.

While working under this umbrella, these companies will not only collaborate better but will also operate more efficiently. However, the company has not yet been able to materialize this concept, despite Musk’s utmost desire.

The mention of SpaceX and The Boring Company might not necessarily mean that they will have a say in the upcoming projects of Tesla. This might just be a collaboration between these companies.

What Do Opportunists Think About It?

Here is what people are saying about the Master Plan Part 3:

– Opportunists still believe that the Third Master Plan from Musk might have something to do with space exploration;

– Others believe that the all-electric van that he hinted at in 2018 might be the agenda of this plan;

– Then there are others who believe that due to Musk’s interest in AI, this Master Plan Part 3 will consist mostly of Artificial Intelligence.


For now, no plans about Europe have been revealed related to Master Plan 3. However, who knows that the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin might become the favourite destination of Musk.

Final Verdict

Elon Musk has been pretty vague about the Master Plan Part 3 and what he wants to achieve with it.

However, it is clear that the company is up to something big and this has made all Tesla fans excited.

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