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What New Is Giga Texas Cyber Rodeo Preparing

Tesla held its Cyber Rodeo event in Texas on the 7th of April 2022. The company wanted the event to be an example of its own which is why 15,000 invites were sent for it.

Cyber Rodeo
Why Has It Been Named As Cyber Rodeo?

The event was named Cyber Rodeo in which the Cyber part related to the truck’s name whereas the Rodeo section illustrated the local Texas cowboy culture.

Cyber Rodeo event

The production of EVs at the Texas Gigafactory will soon start after the Cyber Rodeo.

Tesla is highly interested in opening up its second US factory in style because it will boost production figures for the company.

It is also worth noting that the company’s CEO recently inaugurated the Gigafactory Berlin a few weeks ago. The “GigaFest” event for the Berlin factory took place in the latter part of 2021.

What Surprises Can Be Expected?

Several drone operators often stalk Tesla facilities trying to gather as much undisclosed information as possible.

In a recent such event, a person named Joe Tegtmeyer was able to spot 2x Tesla CyberTrucks along with some other vehicles at the Austin Gigafactory.

Austin Gigafactory and a few cars spotted

He put the images on his Twitter account and also added a link to his YouTube channel where he put the drone’s video.

Some of the surprises that Tesla might be hiding at the Texas factory include:

  • 2x CyberTrucks;
  • Other unidentified vehicles.

Although the CyberTrucks are undercover, still due to the massive size of the vehicle and its unique shape, it doesn’t take much to identify them.

This is the first time that two prototypes of the CyberTruck are present at a location.

The truck has been in the limelight mainly because the automaker has been silent about it and no information about its trims or variant has yet been disclosed.

A video is also available on the internet in which a CyberTruck can be seen in motion in the Austin factory.

Besides the CyberTrucks, several other vehicles can also be seen but most of them are covered.

Some of these look like the Model Y vehicles but there are some unidentifiable ones also present in the picture.

Why are they present there can’t be answered for now but we believe it might have something to do with the Cyber Rodeo mega event.

A Tesla semi can also be seen in one of the photos circulating the internet. The truck made its way to the Tesla facility last week and news about it has already been viral all over the internet.

However, this is the first time that it has been captured in a photo at this facility.

Future Prospects For The Texas Gigafactory

The Austin and the Berlin Gigafactories, in addition to the previous two Gigafactories of Tesla, now equip the company to manufacture over 2 million EVs annually.


The Texas factory is special because, in addition to other Tesla vehicles, it will also manufacture the highly anticipated Tesla Cyber Truck.

Unlike the Berlin Gigafactory where the company had to face severe delays due to local laws, the Austin factory is likely to roll out its first EV soon afterwards.

Some other news that is co-linked with the event and is likely to pop up soon afterwards includes:

  • Information about the production date of 4680 battery cells;
  • The new version of Model Y with 450 km range.

The latest version of the Model Y has a unique battery pack and this is why it is expected that the Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo event will act as the commencement point for this new technology.

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