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Will The Commuter Electric Plane Become A New Revolution?

The world of EVs is seeing rapid progress. It is therefore opening newer avenues for the world to explore but the aviation segment seemed to be lagging and that’s why a startup called Eviation has realized the prospect offered by the field and thus stepped in to capitalize on the opportunity. 


One such example is the first electric aircraft Known as Alice which now seems just days away from its first flight and thus fans are waiting anxiously for the moment when it will see its first flight.

What Is The Present Status Of The Plane?

While the ground testing of the commuter aircraft from Eviation has undergone several ground tests, the plane is yet to go in the air.

Plans For The First Flight

The company is still reluctant to announce a definite date for the first flight but now it seems close as according to their statement all Eviation needs is five or six testing days.

Focus On Safety Is Second To None

The company claims that safety is its priority and this is why it has still not started the flight campaign.

Alice At The Seattle Airport

Alice was recently seen at the Seattle Washington airport where lately the plane with its twin motors was spotted in a running state and this is why stirred the fan base once again. 

This set the hopes too high for aficionados of electric planes who believe that Alice is a ray of hope and might be a trailblazer which can eventually lead to a completely new field.

Fans Have Been Waiting For Long

However, Alice has been a long time coming as the plane was first announced at the 2019 Paris Air Show after which fans have had high hopes but have mostly been left disappointed as we now step into the third year without still seeing the plane in the air.

Recent Update On Twitter Seems Encouraging

The recent activity on Twitter showed more action from the plane than ever before which is once again stirring the field and leading to even higher hopes.

Advantages Of Alice  

Alice has the ability to carry up to 9 passengers, thanks to its high energy density batteries, which power two magiX650 motors each having 640kW power.

Range & Speed

With a range of up to 440 nm and a maximum speed of 250 knots, Alice will have a maximum payload of 1,134 kilograms.

Eviation Is Trying Hard

Eviation has high aspirations for Alice and expects to get FAA certification in 2024. Alice was also seen taxiing last month, but this time the hopes are even higher than last time.

Future Plans

Here are the plans of the company regarding the world’s first electric aircraft:

Executive Variant Of Alice 

Eviation intends to launch an executive variant of the plane in the future that will have a capacity to carry up to 6 passengers with added amenities such as a lavatory and a sink.

Cargo Variant Of Alice

A cargo variant of Alice might also be launched in the future with 15,300 liters storage speed which might seem small for a cargo plane but is still a big deal as it will be able to deliver consignments without harming the planet.

A Big Order From DHL Express

Big news for Alice came when DHL Express made a provisional order for 12 Alice planes to be delivered by 2024 and the world is already going crazy about how far the Israeli company has company in such a small period.

Final Verdict

Alice is a ray of hope not only for those wanting a greener planet but for those as well who love to see innovations in the aviation segment as almost all other transport segments have already seen input from the electric world.

This plane might be small, but the step that it is making in the field is momentous. This might open up avenues for an entirely new domain that has not been tapped until now.

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