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Wuling Mini EV GameBoy Edition Is A Fashion

With over 395,491 vehicles delivered last year, the Wuling Mini EV is on the list of the most sold electric vehicles on the planet.

What is even more mind-boggling is that the sales of the vehicle tripled in just one year.


The Wuling Mini EV is also one of the cheapest ways to get your hands on an EV. The vehicle was particularly hot in the Chinese market where it gave a tough time to rivals inclosing BYD Qin and Tesla Model 3.

Wuling on the other hand is not coming slowly in that it has now announced a new variant of the vehicle to mark its success. This will also give car lovers a unique way to show off their Mini EV.

Different Versions Of The Mini GameBoy Edition

The launch of the Mini GameBoy Edition is a welcome addition to the lineup. Here are the different versions in which the vehicle has been launched:

– Hurricane Phantom;

– Jungle Traveler;

– Star Rover;

– Party Sweetheart.


Even the naming scheme of the vehicle is full of joy thereby reflecting the company’s mindset with which the vehicle’s new edition has been offered to customers.

What Makes The Mini GameBoy Edition More Compelling?

The GameBoy edition of the vehicle aims to get attention. So here are a few striking changes that this variant will have as compared to the ordinary one:

– The exterior finish will be distinctive;

– Newer wheels to complement the new exterior design;

– A new trim

– Advanced headlights with DRLs

– A light strip on the front end connecting the two lights;

– A fresh front fascia.

Changes In Dimensions

It is worth noting that Wuling has gone the extra kilometer in making this GameBoy Edition special. Thus, the changes are not just limited to the aesthetics of the car. Rather the dimensions have also been changed:

Here are the major changes that have been brought to the vehicle in this regard:

Change In Length

The car’s length has been increased to 2997 mm which is an increase of around 80 mm;

Change In Height

To give the vehicle a sportier look, its height has been decreased to 1604 mm. This is a decrease of 17 mm.

Wuling Mini EV

The reduced height will add to the vehicle’s stability and make cornering easier.

New Electric Motor

The new electric motor is the biggest and most welcome change in the Mini EV GameBoy Edition.

This motor has a power of 30 kW instead of the 20 kW option that was previously available.

However, Wuling, for now, is silent about the inclusion of a bigger battery in this GameBoy Edition of the vehicle.

More Range

The car’s battery bank will have a capacity of 26.5 kWh and thus it will be able to last for around 280 km.

This is a major upgrade in that with the current battery option, the Wuling Mini EV was only able to reach the 170 km mark at most.


The vehicle costs around €3,800 for the basic variant and the top tier model previously cost around €5,200.

Wuling Mini EV

The pricing of the Mini EV GameBoy Edition as well as its availability in Europe has not yet been disclosed, but we expect that the company will be considering it soon.

This is mainly because other Chinese companies like NIO and XPeng are already establishing themselves in European countries including Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden.

Final Verdict

The Wuling Mini EV GameBoy Edition is better than the standard variant by all means.

It is sportier, better looking, faster, can go more kilometers and has new trim options.

This makes one of the cheapest EVs in the world, even more attractive.

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