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Xpeng Around The World And Its Unique Technologies

XPeng Motors is a China-based automobile manufacturer striving to create smart electric vehicles for the younger generations. Known for their innovative design and technologies, some of their most popular car models include the XPeng G3 and P7. The company was founded in 2014 by former senior executives of GAC Group, He Tao and Xia Heng, who have unmatched aptitude in research, development, and technology. Let’s see how XPeng spread its wings worldwide using different technologies.

XPeng Situation Worldwide

China accounts for around 30% of total automobile sales in the world. However, the worst air pollution conditions in the country between 2013 and 2017 led the government to encourage electric vehicle usage among the users. Consequently, automotive startups like XPeng took over the local automobile market of China for electric vehicles. In January 2020, only 630 XPeng electric vehicles were sold in China, while the number went up to 6,015 in January 2021.

In the US, the company has a subsidiary, XMotors.ai, that held an autonomous vehicle testing permit for self-driving cars in 2018. However, they revoked the permit in 2020 because they could not submit a report to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Though, their permit was renewed within a month again in 2020. 

In November 2018, the company started producing its G3 SUV, which it launched at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas.


Talking about Hong Kong, the company became the first Chinese firm that entered the Hong Kong Stock Exchange as a dual-primary listing. They are eligible for Stock Connect, with which they can trade with the country for investment purposes. 

XPeng Situation in Europe

At present, Europe is one of the biggest EV markets in the world. After delivering electric SUV G3 to Norway in 2020, XPeng has now introduced P7 to the country. Apart from the RWD Super Long Range and 4WD High Performance versions, Norway also has a special limited edition of P7 featuring gullwing doors. XPeng has been offering its products in Norway in its 17 sales outlets operated by local trade partners and 21 service centers within the country.

Technologies That Make XPeng Different from Others
Driving Assistance:

The XPeng P7 has a driving assistant system Xpilot 2.5, and the Xmart OS, a specifically developed in-car operating system. 

Lidar System:

To facilitate autonomous driving, the company uses a combination of radar, camera, and lidar for driver’s aid. XPeng P5 was the first car to feature built-in lidar. It is a laser light system that measures the distance between objects to create a 3D space around the vehicle, thereby helping the driver maintain a safe distance from people and things in the vicinity. The P5 is also the first electric car that can read traffic lights.

LFP Batteries:

CATL (Contemporary Amperex Technology), the largest battery manufacturer in China, develops batteries for XPeng automobiles. Moving ahead of the CTP batteries, XPeng uses LFP batteries that eliminates the need for cobalt. These batteries are cheaper, safer, and longer-lasting than their former counterparts.

Huge Charging Network:

The company offers free charging to its buyers for the car’s lifetime. There are more than 1,000 XPeng charging stations in China and 200,000 third-party charging stations in several major cities.

Vehicle Hire:

In 2019, the company announced its vehicle-for-hire service using its own XPeng vehicles in Guangzhou.

Flying Car:

HT Aero, a subsidiary of XPeng, announced 440 million Euros of funds and a design for flying cars in 2021. It has a planned launch scheduled for 2024.


With presence in different countries and its horizons spreading continuously, XPeng is sure to set the automobile world go crazy. Known for its technological innovations, we look forward to more electric vehicles from the company that can save our planet for good.

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