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Everything You Need To Know About The Zap-Map App

We all know that electric vehicles are the future. However, for now, this segment is plagued by a lack of sufficient number of EV chargers. Resultantly, EV owners face difficulties in locating and charging their vehicles even in the most developed nations of the world. Several apps have been launched in an attempt to minimize this issue. One such example is the Zap-Map which is doing a wonderful job in the UK.

zap map app

It is a digital platform and an app that helps EV owners in locating charging points. This enables them to travel longer by planning their trips in a way through which they can keep their EVs charged as they travel.

The Zap-Map app presently displays around 70% of the EV chargers located in the UK and the number is constantly being increased. This is a revolutionary technology as it gives a confidence boost to EV owners.

Some other activities that can be performed on the Zap-Map network include:

  • Payment on participating networks;
  • Sharing recent updates with fellow EV drivers.
Why Is The Zap-Map App So Significant?

This brings us to the question that why is the Zap-Map or other such apps so popular?

zap map charge points in the UK

Well, the reason is that EV range anxiety is a major problem not just for EV owners but also for EV manufacturers.

This is because many potential buyers just don’t find the confidence of going for an electric vehicle yet. After all, they think they might get stranded somewhere with no EV charging.

So, once they know how many chargers are located in their vicinity, this apprehension is considerably removed.

What Is The Mission Of Zap-Map?

Zap-Map is working in collaboration with Good Energy to speed up the shift to the EV segment.

This will aid more vehicle owners than ever before in playing their role toward zero tailpipe emissions.

Pros & Cons Of Zap-Map

The pros & cons of Zap-Map include:

  • It shows all EV chargers located in the vicinity on a map;
  • Can be used even in the hands-free mode;
  • Ensures that your vehicle is always charged and you don’t feel stranded due to a lack of charge.

There are no cons of the app other than the fact that you might feel tempted to keep checking the statistics time and again, for which, your overall screen usage time might increase.

Popularity In Europe

The app is presently one of the most notable platforms of its kind. Just in the UK, it is presently being used by over 180,000 users every month.

The setup has 51,002 connectors and 30,412 devices located at 19,150 different locations.

Drivers and EV owners visit the Zap-Map app not just to stay updated about the EV chargers in their vicinity but also to stay updated about info, tools and statistics.

zap map
How To Pay Using Zap-Map?

Once you are at a charger, open the Zap-Map app on your Android or iOS device. Select the connector and choose Zap-Map as the payment option in the app. Choose the card with which you would like to pay for your EV charging.

It’s that simple.

Final Verdict

The Zap-Map app is extremely user friendly and the overall concept on which it is working is likely to revolutionize the EV charging segment altogether.

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