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Hummer EV SUV Tops 65,000 Reservations, Ramping Up Production

GM’s Hummer EV SUV is one of the most anticipated vehicles of modern times. It has a fan base of its own and with no other vehicle even close, it is performing exceptionally well.

This is because anything and everything else that is not a Hummer is just not good enough for the fans.

Hummer EV SUV
Gigantic Number Of Reservations

GM recently reported that it has received more than 65,000 reservations for the Hummer EV SUV.

This number is much higher than what the company had anticipated. That’s why GM is doing all it can to ramp up production for meeting the demand.

When Will The Hummer EV SUV Version Be Available?

The SUV version of the vehicle will be available to customers in 2023. Besides this, under the current situation, the new orders for the pickup version won’t be met until 2024.

A Trip Down The Memory Lane

It is to be noted here that the Hummer EV is the successor to the gas-guzzling Hummer vehicles that ruled the segment until 2010. After which, production was stopped.

The company revived the brand in the later part of 2020 and by offering a glimpse of what customers could expect from the vehicle, it started getting reservations.

Even at that time, it was made clear that the pick-up version will be launched first followed by the SUV variant in 2023.

GM’s Performance About Hummer EV SUV Deliveries Has Been Below Par

GM has been anything but slow when it comes to delivering the Hummer EVs. We say this because only a single vehicle was delivered last year. Until then, around 60,000 reservations had already been received.

Hummer EV SUV
Extraordinary Number Of Reservations-To-Order Conversions

The company’s global vice president recently disclosed that around 95% of the people are converting their reservations to orders. This number is much higher than what the company had thought.

While this might be good for the automaker, it concurrently also means that GMC needs to pace up for meeting the Hummer EV demands by bridging the huge gap between the orders and deliveries.

What Is GM Doing To Increase The Pace Of Hummer EV Production?

The vice president highlighted that the company is looking to obtain additional supplies of vital EV components including battery cells.

However, what we found missing was the mention of any semiconductor shortage which is a problem that has been wreaking havoc for nearly all automakers in recent times.

The company has not disclosed the exact distribution of orders for the pickup and the SUV versions. However, it mentioned that the number of pickup reservations was larger than those for the SUV.

Q1 Reports To Illustrate GM’s Performance

The first quarter’s report will indicate how many Hummer EVs, GM has been able to deliver during the first three months of the current year.

This will also offer a glimpse into the efforts being made by the company to expedite the manufacturing process.

Why Is The Hummer EV So Popular?

The Hummer EV has got it all:

  • The speed of a racing car;
  • The comfort of a luxurious sedan;
  • Best off-roading capabilities;

Besides all this, it has a truck bed.

GM is right when it calls the Hummer EV a super truck, because, well if this isn’t the super truck, what else is?


Some of the aspects that make the Hummer EV so popular include:

  • It’s big and has a lot of road presence and in-cabin room;
  • With four-wheel steering and plenty of power, it can take you places;
  • The 0 to 97 kph time of 3.0 seconds for this mountain-sized EV makes it, unlike anything that we are accustomed to. This is possible because of the WTF ( Watts TO Freedom) mode;
  • It can carry five adults easily and can even park in the tightest parking spots thanks to the four-wheel-drive steering and the Hummer EV crab walk feature;
  • It’s a manifestation of how the GM Ultium platform is poised to offer state of the art EVs.
Final Verdict

As the Hummer EV is a perfect manifestation of modern-day cutting edge technology, more and more reservations are pouring in.

The company might be happy with these many orders but it is also feeling pressure. However, it is now ramping up its production facilities to make the deliveries as soon as possible.

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