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Hummer – Will It Maintain Itself As A Brand Of Military Machinery?

Hummer is a name associated with wealth and affluence. The brand’s gas guzzlers are regarded as the ultimate off-roading machines, but there’s much more to the brand than gleaming yellow and red-colored behemoths.

This article discusses whether or not Hummer will maintain itself as a brand of military machinery.

History Of Hummer

In the 1980s, AM General began producing military vehicles known as Humvees. The civilian population was really interested inĀ these offroading military machines, and thus, in 1992, the Hummer, a civilian version of the Humvees, was born.

The brand quickly became a symbol of strength and wealth. Major Hollywood celebrities felt that owning a Hummer was a mustĀ to complement their successful careers.

General Motors bought the brand from AM General in 1999 and went on to offer the H2 and H3 models, which were smaller SUVs with better fuel economy.

However, the global financial crisis made it impossible for consumers to afford such fuel-hungry machines and thus production of the various Hummer models came to a halt in 2010.

Hummer Prototypes

In 2021 GM announced the Hummer EV, which is set to hit North American roads in 2022. This will be a positive step forward because the company will be able to make a comeback in a market that is currently obsessed with SUVs.

With Hummer having played such an important role in several US wars in the past, the company is determined to offer additional vehicles in the future.

As a result, the eLRV (electric light reconnaissance vehicle), GM’s latest Hummer prototype, will borrow several components from its electric counterpart. The vehicle’s motor and frame are examples of these components.

The Smallest Hummer In The world?

The Hummer HX, also recognized as the Hummer H4, was announced more than 15 years ago but never saw the light of day, owing to the company’s financial difficulties, which forced it to close its manufacturing facilities.

This Hummer model is the smallest of the bunch, giving enthusiasts on a tighter budget a chance to join the exclusive Hummer owner’s club. As a result, it was initially intended to be the same size as a Jeep Wrangler.

The Hummer HX, on the other hand, is unique. To begin with, it is smaller, ratherĀ much smaller, and has extremely limited off-road capabilities with only a 3.6-liter engine powering the vehicle.

Will We Have The New Ugliest Vehicle In The World?

The MEV Hummer HX is not a visually appealing vehicle. It wonā€™t be an overstatement to say that almost all other vehicles look good in comparison to it.

Every detail on the new Hummer EV appears to be meticulously designed to perfection. The same is true for almost all other new vehicles introduced by various automakers.

In such a case, it appears that car designers will have to work extremely hard if they want to create a vehicle that is uglier than the MEV Hummer HX, which resembles a midget rather than a Hummer.

Final Verdict

Hummer vehicles have long been known for their superior performance and road presence. These two characteristics define the brand and its vehicles, elevating them to a level that no other brand in the market can match.

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