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Kia EV9 Confirmed – What To Expect From This Kia SUV?

Kia has good news for its European potential customers of the Concept EV9 which will be an all-electric SUV from the company.

Kia EV9

According to recent reports, the Korean automaker is planning to launch the SUV in the European market in 2023.

The launch dates for other markets have not yet been disclosed by the company.

It is to be noted here that Kia unveiled this EV at the Los Angeles Auto show during the later part of 2021.

A Muscular Boxy Appearance

Appearance-wise, the EV9 resembles a lot with the Kia Telluride as both have a boxy shape.

The Kia Telluride was able to get into the limelight because of this unique design language. Thus, Kia has now decided to carry forward this approach to the EV9 as well, which like the Telluride is a mid-sized SUV.

Kia’s First-Ever Seven-Seater Electric SUV

The EV9 is special because it will be the company’s first seven-seater electric SUV.

The smaller Kia EV6 has already been able to make a name of its own in the electric world but this time Kia wants to target the customers looking to get the relatively larger electric SUVs.

The Front End Is Imposing

The front end of the vehicle has unique aesthetics and is designed for those who want their vehicles to have a striking appearance.

Front of EV9

The first thing you notice on the front is the wide array of LED lights that have been distributed beautifully to complement the vehicle’s overall look.

No Grille Present At The Front

The front end lacks a grille which has otherwise become a benchmark of success even for electric vehicles that require no cooling mechanism whatsoever.

So, in this way, Kia has decided to take a bold approach when it comes to the design of the EV9.

Retractable Roof Rails

Another unique feature of the EV9 is its retractable roof rails which are completely flush with the vehicle’s body when not in use. This has two benefits, which are:

  • The overall look of the vehicle is enhanced;
  • Helps in reducing the drag force.
Solar Panels In The Bonnet

The bonnet of the EV9 has integrated solar panels which help in charging the battery during everyday use.

This is a great feature that I feel other EV manufacturers should also incorporate into their vehicles.

Rear-Hinged Doors

The vehicle has a pillarless design and thanks to the rear-hinged doors, entry and exit in the Kia EV9 will be no problem.

Kia EV9 has rear-hinged doors

The backside of the vehicle has nothing noteworthy and features slim lights with a flat design.

Interior Is Modern & Impressive

Even the vehicle’s interior has contemporary looks with big displays that are now considered a must-have for all EVs.

The infotainment system is a part of the 27-inch gigantic display and all vehicle controls including the climate control can be accessed from here.

Infotainment system of this SUV

The EV9 is likely to have a 77.4 kWh battery pack. This is big enough to last around 483 km.


The motor will have 242 kW of power which will be adequate to give the vehicle an impressive performance.

In-house Rival

Kia is owned by Hyundai which has its own plans of launching the Ioniq 7 which will be the direct competitor of EV9.


No news about the pricing of the EV9 has yet been disclosed. However, rumours have it that it will cost a bit over €60,000.

Final Verdict

Kia recently announced major changes in its EV plans. Previously the company was targeting the launch of 11 new EV models by 2025. However, in the wake of the recent EV demand, the target has been beefed up to 14 new EVs by 2027.

With the EV9 available in the European market in 2023, Kia will have a strong presence in the EV segment.

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