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Volkswagen ID.5 Review

Volkswagen‘s latest vehicle is the ID.5, an electric SUV that is the company’s attempt to capitalize on the EV craze.
Different Variants

The vehicle is available in three variants: RWD ID.5 Pro and ID.5 Pro Performance along with the all-wheel-drive sportier GTX version.

Vehicle Specifications

Here are all the essential specifications of the Volkswagen ID.5:


Being an EV, batteries are the most significant constituent of the Volkswagen ID.5. All models sport the same 77kWh batteries.


The motors depend upon the variant under consideration, so let’s discuss them one by one.

ID.5 Pro

The base variant ID.5 Pro model has a 128 KW motor that generates 310 Nm torque. The vehicle has a 520-kilometer range.

ID.5 Pro Performance

The mid-tier ID.5 Pro Performance variant has a 150 KW motor that produces 310 Nm.


Although it costs more, I recommend going for the ID.5 GTX which is the top tier model of the vehicle.

It has a dual-motor setup. Combined, a peak 220 KW output generates 220 kW and 310 Nm torque. However, this variant will have a relatively lesser range of 489 kilometers.

Charging Time

With the option to charge with AC 11 KW or DC quick charging at 135 KW, customers will have a wide array of options for charging their Volkswagen ID.5.

According to Volkswagen, the quick charging method is effective, as it can provide a range of 390 kilometers with only 30 minutes of charging.

The GTX variant has the added benefit of being able to charge up to 150 KW, resulting in a range of 100 kilometers with only 6 minutes of charging.


The standard suspension will be offered in the base model, while Dynamic Chassis Control will exist in the Pro Performance model.

The GTX model, on the other hand, will feature a stiffer suspension, giving it a sportier feel.


The top GTX model will have a 0-60 mph time of 6.3 seconds, which isn’t particularly impressive given that most EVs easily achieve it in under 4 seconds.

Vehicle’s Design & Aesthetics
Front Design

The vehicle comes standard with matrix LED headlights upfront. The distinctive light bar extends across the front end of the vehicle, giving it a bold and confident appearance. The front bumper of the ID.5 is lower than that of the ID.4.

Volkswagen ID.5 front design

The GTX version of ID.5 has a slightly different lower end of the front grill. The honeycomb pattern gives the vehicle a beefier appearance.

Rear Design

As ID.5 is the coupe version of ID.4, it has a falling roofline. The integrated wing-shaped spoiler gives the vehicle a distinct appearance.

The three-dimensional tail lamps provide the vehicle’s rear end with a modern look that complements the EV’s personality. The extended rear light reminds me of the Audi E-Tron.

Volkswagen ID.5 rear design

The new ID.5 is available with wheels ranging from 48 to 53 cm. However, because it is an electric vehicle, you may not want to go with the 53-cm wheels because they will significantly reduce the range.

Volkswagen ID.5 white color
When Will It Be Available?

Volkswagen is already taking orders in Germany which means that the vehicle isn’t far from hitting the road. Experts believe that European customers will be able to get their hands on the ID.5 by mid-2022.

However, if you live outside of Europe and are desperate for one, you can simply import it the next year.


As the vehicle is currently only available in Europe, the price is in Euros, which is the equivalent of €49,622 (£42,092).

Final Verdict

The Volkswagen ID.5 is a fantastic new addition to the already congested EV market.

However, if the company wants to maintain high sales figures, it must ensure that customers receive optimal services. Otherwise, they already have a plethora of options.

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