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JIDU ROBO-01 Concept – AI-Powered Robotic EV
Here we delve into JIDU ROBO-01 concept which is the AI-powered robotic EV. Baidu is a Chinese giant that stays in the news for one reason or another. However, this time the news from Baidu’s EV startup JIDU is about to change how we’ve seen the world of electric vehicles until now. That’s because the… Read More
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Why Self-driving Cars Can’t Go Everywhere Yet
Self-driving cars seem like a thing of the future & well, to be honest, they are exactly that, at least for now. That’s because no significant progress has been seen in this field during the past few years. Although major companies such as Alphabet, Tesla, Baidu, GM & Ford have invested billions of euros into… Read More
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How Is AI Used In Electric Vehicles?
As our dependence on fossil fuels in Europe decreases, the electronic vehicle (EV) industry has made solid advances as the future of transportation. Because of this revolution and the need for clean energy vehicles, AI has become all the more invaluable for maintaining and improving the EV industry. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a computer… Read More
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