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What Factors Determine The Payback Period Of An EV
Here we discuss the payback period of an EV and the factors that affect this process. This is because the low running and maintenance costs of such vehicles are a plus, but the high initial cost outweighs the low running and maintenance costs. What Is Payback Period For An EV? The payback period for an… Read More
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Here Are 6 Effective Ways To Extend The EV Battery Life
Electric vehicles have received global appreciation because of their multifaceted benefits. This has played a pivotal role in the success of this platform. However, the range of such electric vehicles continues to be one of the pain points for users. Therefore, here are some tips and ways which can be used to effectively extend the… Read More
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Largest EU Battery Recycling Plant Comes Online
As the EV world is progressing at a rapid pace, the shift to this segment is taking place at a surprisingly fast rate. However, allied to this shift is the problem of thousands of EV batteries that will become useless each year. This problem was highlighted a few years ago and thus EU battery recycling… Read More
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How Does Hot Weather Affect EV Range?
The electric segment is still pretty new. This is why customers often have questions about how different conditions affect these vehicles. In this article, we discuss the effect of hot weather on the EV range. Besides this, we also highlight some tips to improve the life of your EV battery during hot weather. How Much… Read More
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How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Vehicle?
Electric cars keep marveling us. However, one of the biggest issues related to them is regarding their charging. In this article, we discuss the dynamics of charging an electric vehicle and discuss how long it takes to charge an EV. How Much Time Does EV Charging Take? The answer to this is not as simple… Read More
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Used Electric Car – Is It Worth To Buy?
As the electric vehicle segment is flourishing, the prices of these used electric cars in the market are plummeting. So, what factors do you need to keep in mind while going on a shopping spree for such electric vehicles? This article addresses these aspects in detail and then discusses the pros and cons of owning… Read More
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Porsche Taycan Tested V2G To Supply Power Back To The Grid
 We all know about electric vehicles and keep hearing about their charging systems that top up their batteries. However, in the recent past, a new technology known as the Vehicle to Grid or V2G has been introduced. The V2G system allows EV batteries to act as sources of power. This feature is used for providing… Read More
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Tesla Is Using Cobalt-Free Batteries In Half Of Its New EVs
Tesla usually likes to keep stuff hidden from customers and the media. However, the auto giant has recently revealed an important piece of information regarding its battery technology. According to reports, Tesla used iron-phosphate cobalt-free batteries (LFP) in half of the vehicles it produced during the first quarter of the running year. What Are Cobalt… Read More
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Benefits Of Solar Car Battery Chargers
The primary reason behind shifting over to the electric vehicle platform was to reduce global emissions. However, according to recent reports, if electric cars are charged with the conventional grid, the benefits of such vehicles are minimized. In such a situation, the world decided to switch over to renewable sources of energy and one such… Read More
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How Is AI Used In Electric Vehicles?
As our dependence on fossil fuels in Europe decreases, the electronic vehicle (EV) industry has made solid advances as the future of transportation. Because of this revolution and the need for clean energy vehicles, AI has become all the more invaluable for maintaining and improving the EV industry. Artificial intelligence, or AI, is a computer… Read More
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