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How CATL Is Developing Industry-First Zero Carbon Batteries
As the world is particularly interested in going green, drastic measures need to be taken when it comes to EV batteries as well. This is why a new debate is currently in circulation which pertains to zero-carbon batteries. What Is CATL? CATL which is the acronym for Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. is the largest battery… Read More
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Ford & Volvo Partner With Redwood Materials To Recycle EV Batteries
While electric vehicles continue to be regarded as one of the finest creations of modern-day man, the problem of global pollution is still immense. You would be thinking that now when we are producing more EVs than humanity has ever seen, why is the problem still so immense? But in these details lie the reality… Read More
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What Do You Need To Know About Battery Recycling?
Li-ion batteries are extremely dangerous mainly because of their hazardous fumes. These fumes can cause severe air pollution in case the batteries catch fire even after being discarded. Why Is Battery Recycling So Important? With an estimated 250 million EVs expected to hit the roads globally by 2030, the number of EV batteries discarded per… Read More
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Has The Electric Vehicles Batteries Recycling Revolution Started?
While the world of automotive claims to reduce global pollution, the adverse effects of the batteries that are discarded into the atmosphere are a major source of concern and this is why on the demand of environmentalists, massive action is being taken to fix the issue. One such remedy is to make the EV batteries… Read More
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Northvolt Produces First Fully Recycled Battery Cell
It won’t be an overstatement to say that the world now runs on batteries. Take a look around you and you will hardly see a place where you won’t find one. Northvolt is a Swedish Lithium-ion battery manufacturer that set out on a mission in 2016 to manufacture environment-friendly batteries to ensure a blue planet.… Read More
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