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CATL Launches Battery Swapping Stations In China, Aimed At Those With Apartment EV Charging
One of the biggest pain points for EV owners is the time it takes to charge the batteries of these vehicles. This is why battery swapping technologies are quickly gaining fame. One of the recent steps in this direction has been taken by CATL. What Is Evogo & Where Will It Operate? CATL is theā€¦ Read More
9 months ago By: Admin
Gogoro Introduces First Solid-State Battery Swapping For Electric Scooters
Ā Gogoro is a Taiwan based company that has its headquarters located in Taipei. It is known throughout the world for its innovative technology when it comes to battery swapping ecosystems. What Makes Gogoro Special? Gogoro is particularly famous for having produced more than 1 million compact sized batteries. The company has the honour of beingā€¦ Read More
11 months ago By: Admin
EV Battery Swap ā€“ Is It A Good Idea?
China has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle market and NIO is one company that has been in the news for quite some time now. NIO Is Back In The News With EV Battery Swapping This time NIO is offering an entirely new approach to the world of EV that has the potentialā€¦ Read More
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