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10 Best Selling EVs In The UK, How Long To Wait To Produce?
In this article we review 10 best selling EVs in the UK and how long to wait to produce those 10 best selling EVs. The UK has been one of the leaders in terms of electric vehicle platform adoption. The sales and registration of such cars have seen a tremendous increase over the past few… Read More
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BMW News: Electric i3 Based On 3 Series Unveiled
The previous model of the BMW i3 was a great vehicle that was a harbinger because it connected the ICE world with the world of EVs. The German automaker has now launched a new i3 model. However, unlike the past vehicle, which had a standalone presence, this one will be based on the iconic BMW… Read More
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BMW iX1 Electric SUV Teased For The First Time
BMW, like all other European automakers, is particularly interested in the electric vehicle segment for now. This may be because the company knows that due to EU regulations, it won’t be able to sell any ICE vehicles in Europe after 2035. The BMW iX1 Is Coming Soon The brand has thus teased the BMW iX1… Read More
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Best-Selling EVs In Germany 2021, According To The KBA
Electric vehicle sales in Germany skyrocketed 13.6% in 2021, despite a global slowdown in auto sales owing to the crunch in computer chip supplies, as more car buyers opt for battery electric vehicles. According to data from the KBA motor authority, electric vehicle (EV) makers sold over 680,000 new passenger cars (BEVs and PHEVs) in… Read More
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