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BYD & Shell Are Working Together To Expand Energy & Charging Solutions In Europe
BYD is a Chinese automaker that came into existence in 1995. It is the acronym for Build Your Dreams. This shows that the company is willing to go to all means when it comes to innovation. The automaker recently disclosed its plans of working with Shell. This partnership will aim to expand energy and charging… Read More
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4 Hot EV Stocks Right Now
As the world makes way for the EV revolution, manufacturers of these vehicles are not the only ones that are interested in seeing them flourish. Rather, when it comes to fixing a public company’s overall performance, the stakes are high for thousands of people who have invested their money in these companies. This is why… Read More
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Best Selling EVs Worldwide Of 2021
As the EV segment has been booming throughout the globe in recent times, taking a look at which the best-selling EVs around the world were in 2021 is important to find out which were the top choices for so many customers and what made them so hot. 1. Tesla Model 3 Tesla’s Model 3 is… Read More
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Electric Vehicle Stocks
If you have been paying any attention to the stock market over the past few years, you will already know that the electric vehicle sector is one of the hottest industries to invest in. But does that make EV stocks a good investment? If we use the traditional measure of which stock makes a good… Read More
1 year ago By: Jhon Tesla
China In EV Market
The EV market is booming like anything and every company wants to get a big share from it. China was one of the countries that were least expected to participate in this EV race. However, in recent years, several Chinese automakers have provided stiff competition to both Western and Japanese manufacturers. This article delves into… Read More
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