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What Is The Carbon Footprint Of Bitcoin? Is A Greener Future For Bitcoin In Store?
Bitcoin has a PR problem on its hands. Environmental experts and climate scientists have started raising concerns about the popular cryptocurrency as Bitcoin mining uses a tremendous amount of electricity. This high energy usage, much of it from dirty sources, is contributing to CO2 emissions. Now more than ever, there is a heightened public awareness… Read More
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Turkey Is Switching To Renewable Energy Instead Of Coal Mines
Coal has been a popular source of energy globally. However, coal remains a dirty source of power, and many nations are reducing their dependence on this fossil fuel. One of the countries making the transition is Turkey. Turkey has the option of switching to renewable energy instead of coal mines. What does the future hold… Read More
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Will Russia-Ukraine War Push The Climate Change Action To The Side?
While the Russia-Ukraine war is already affecting thousands of people, the effects won’t be trivial by any means, in the future as well. Increased Sanctions To Play Their Role In Global Pollution The growing sanctions on trade with Russia will not only make the economies of both European states & Russia suffer but will also… Read More
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EV Supply Chain Carbon Emissions Lower Than ICE Vehicles 
CO2 is a major cause of global pollution. With the growing global emphasis on keeping the carbon footprint low, more and more countries are joining the EV bandwagon. Electric vehicles are rapidly being adopted due to their zero tailpipe emissions. Yet, many people have apprehensions. They believe that the indirect emissions of EVs are much greater… Read More
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