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CATL Launches Battery Swapping Stations In China, Aimed At Those With Apartment EV Charging
One of the biggest pain points for EV owners is the time it takes to charge the batteries of these vehicles. This is why battery swapping technologies are quickly gaining fame. One of the recent steps in this direction has been taken by CATL. What Is Evogo & Where Will It Operate? CATL is the… Read More
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CATL’s Battery Plant In Germany, It’s First Out Of China
When it comes to EV battery manufacturing, CATL has a distinct presence. It is currently the world’s largest EV battery manufacturer by installed capacity and the situation has been this way for the past five years. The giant however is in no mood of settling down anytime soon. So, for complementing its Chinese manufacturing facilities… Read More
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How CATL Is Developing Industry-First Zero Carbon Batteries
As the world is particularly interested in going green, drastic measures need to be taken when it comes to EV batteries as well. This is why a new debate is currently in circulation which pertains to zero-carbon batteries. What Is CATL? CATL which is the acronym for Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. is the largest battery… Read More
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