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Polestar 5 – What Do We Know So Far?
Polestar is the performance brand of the world-renowned automotive company Volvo. For now, the company has only two models dubbed the Polestar 1 & 2 whereas according to reports the Polestar 3 will also be made available in the latter part of the current year. The Polestar 4 which will have an SUV format, will… Read More
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Can You Charge An Electric Car In The Rain?
The electric vehicle platform is still pretty new. This is why customers have a lot of apprehensions even about daily activities related to such cars. This article aims to address one such doubt that most EV owners have which is “can they charge their electric cars in the rain?” Yes, You Can Charge An Electric… Read More
9 months ago By: Admin
How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Vehicle?
Electric cars keep marveling us. However, one of the biggest issues related to them is regarding their charging. In this article, we discuss the dynamics of charging an electric vehicle and discuss how long it takes to charge an EV. How Much Time Does EV Charging Take? The answer to this is not as simple… Read More
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Principles About Smart Charge Point Regulations
As the world quickly switches over to the EV platform, the number of people charging their vehicles concurrently has increased to an all-time high. The system has become more advanced due to internet connectivity, therefore, EV owners now have the option of scheduling their EV charging times. EV Owners Love Off-Peak Hours Several energy suppliers… Read More
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UK’s Tesla Supercharger Network To Open Soon
The primary concern of all-electric vehicle owners is the range of such cars. This anxiety also keeps several potential buyers from adopting this platform. However, Trudy Harrison, UK Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Transport, recently revealed a ray of hope for EV owners and potential buyers of electric vehicles in the UK. When Will Tesla’s… Read More
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