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Wireless Charging Technology For EVs
The world we live in today has started going wireless. If you look around yourself, your phones and now even their chargers are wireless. Similarly, you use the internet wirelessly and you know how convenient your life has become as a result of this. The need for wireless EV charging is immense, owing to the… Read More
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Can You Charge An Electric Car In The Rain?
The electric vehicle platform is still pretty new. This is why customers have a lot of apprehensions even about daily activities related to such cars. This article aims to address one such doubt that most EV owners have which is “can they charge their electric cars in the rain?” Yes, You Can Charge An Electric… Read More
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VW and BP Are Expanding 8,000 EV Chargers Across EU/UK
As the electric vehicle segment gains momentum, we see more and more collaboration. One such recent example is the partnership between VW and BP which aims to expand the EV charging network of the latter company. The collaboration will begin immediately and will spread across the EU and the UK for now. However, in the… Read More
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Benefits Of Solar Car Battery Chargers
The primary reason behind shifting over to the electric vehicle platform was to reduce global emissions. However, according to recent reports, if electric cars are charged with the conventional grid, the benefits of such vehicles are minimized. In such a situation, the world decided to switch over to renewable sources of energy and one such… Read More
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Shell Opens The First EV Charging Hub
You realize that a segment is making progress by leaps and bounds when even the rivals start aligning themselves with it. This is exactly what is happening in the world of the automobile right now and the recent avalanche of electric vehicles is not sparing even the big guys like BP and Shell. Shell Embracing… Read More
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5 EVs Myths Busted
While electric vehicles are widely accepted as the best technology developed by man that is not only efficient but also extremely safe for the environment, there are several myths about this technology that exist in the market, and this article aims to dispel them one by one. 1. EVs Are Worse For The Environment Than… Read More
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EV Chargers Per 100 Kilometers In Europe
  With the world of electric vehicles quickly gaining momentum, the requirement for their public chargers is also increasing rapidly. This article delves into the specifics and discusses the number of EV chargers that are presently available in the different European countries. European Countries With Most EV Chargers Per 100km Overall Netherlands has the highest… Read More
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