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How Does Carbon Capture Work?
Carbon capture and storage is an emerging technology for reducing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. If carbon capture and storage can prove effective and scalable at a large scale, it could be a major player in minimizing the effects of climate change. Climeworks is a booming startup working to scale a breakthrough in CCS technology,… Read More
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Making Sense Of The Latest UN Report On Climate Change
The IPCC has released its findings from its 6th climate report. Despite a global awareness of the climate change situation, changes aren’t being made quick enough. Somehow, carbon emissions are at an all-time high and the world is still on a track to meet disaster. The UN climate report blames continued investment in fossil fuel… Read More
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Is A Hybrid An Electric Vehicle?
The EV segment is the result of the global craze of going green. But can hybrid vehicles play their part in this drive against emissions? This article delves into the basics of how all-electric and hybrid cars operate and what sets them apart. It also discusses why the world will move away from hybrids with… Read More
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Turkey Is Switching To Renewable Energy Instead Of Coal Mines
Coal has been a popular source of energy globally. However, coal remains a dirty source of power, and many nations are reducing their dependence on this fossil fuel. One of the countries making the transition is Turkey. Turkey has the option of switching to renewable energy instead of coal mines. What does the future hold… Read More
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A Boom In Electric Scooters Is Noticeable. Here Is Why
The European market is particularly concerned about reducing global CO2 emissions and shifting to renewable energy. Besides this, the EU has also defined 2035 as the final year after which the sales of new ICE vehicles will be banned. This means that the world is looking for a mobility alternative and is thus heading in… Read More
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How Cities Are Leading Climate Action Efforts In Europe?
Cities are not only vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, they’re also part of the problem. Did you know that cities produce more than 60% of the global greenhouse gas emissions? That’s why cities need to speed up climate action and have adaptation plans in place. The good news is that many European cities… Read More
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Porsche Plans To Make 80 Percent Of Its Cars Electric By 2030
The German automaker, Porsche has recently released its goals regarding electrification. The company is now aiming to transform all its newly launched vehicles to be electric by the year 2030. Previously, the company had set the target of going 50% electric by 2025. This target had been set after the launch & success of the… Read More
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CO2 Emissions Reached The Highest Level In History In 2021
 The world appears to be concerned about global emissions and is taking several measures to reduce them. However, the latest International Energy Agency (IEA) report suggests that CO2 emissions from industrial processes and energy combustion reached an all-time high in 2021. Increase In CO2 Emissions From 2020 to 2021 These emissions were recorded to be… Read More
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How Has The Covid-19 Affected The Growth Of Renewable Energy?
March 2020 marked the beginning of a highly irregular period in human history. In response to the emerging public health threat of Covid-19, countries worldwide closed their borders and went into lockdown. Almost overnight, industries, businesses, schools, and even sections of the government shut down. The result? Reduced transmission of Covid-19, an economic downturn, and… Read More
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Will Russia-Ukraine War Push The Climate Change Action To The Side?
While the Russia-Ukraine war is already affecting thousands of people, the effects won’t be trivial by any means, in the future as well. Increased Sanctions To Play Their Role In Global Pollution The growing sanctions on trade with Russia will not only make the economies of both European states & Russia suffer but will also… Read More
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