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The Schwinn Coston Electric Bike Deserves Your Attention
Here is what you deserve to know about the Schwinn Coston e-bike. Schwinn has worked hard for expanding its lineup of electric bikes during the last few years. In the beginning, these bikes were mostly limited to cruisers however with time, the company has shifted over to commuter e-bikes as well. Where Is It Placed… Read More
1 year ago By: Hamza Naveed
Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike Next-Gen Review
In the world of electric bikes, Aventon has a place of its own. This is why, when the company launched a new version of its Pace 500 e-bike, aficionados from around the world knew what to expect. The latest version of the bike offers newer and better parts as compared to the outgoing model. This… Read More
1 year ago By: Admin
Top Electric Bike Health Benefits
While biking is often referred to as one of the healthiest exercises, riding e-bikes is not so revered globally. Many people believe that riding electric bikes don’t benefit the human body due to the minimal exercise involved. However, this is not entirely true. So, here we delve into the top electric bike health benefits. According… Read More
1 year ago By: Admin
FREY CC Fat Tire E-Bike Review
FREY is an electric bike manufacturer from China. The company is renowned for its premium quality e-bikes which cost a fraction of their European counterparts. This has aided the company in quickly rising to fame. According to recent reports, FREY CC lineup came into existence in 2019 and quickly joined the ranks of one of… Read More
1 year ago By: Admin
UPS’s Cute Little Electric Vans
As the world is switching over to the electric platform more and more companies are adopting it. UPS, the world’s giant in the courier segment, is one such example. The latest news from the company came recently in which UPS is now using a quadricycle sort of van that is powered by electricity. This is… Read More
1 year ago By: Admin
A Boom In Electric Scooters Is Noticeable. Here Is Why
The European market is particularly concerned about reducing global CO2 emissions and shifting to renewable energy. Besides this, the EU has also defined 2035 as the final year after which the sales of new ICE vehicles will be banned. This means that the world is looking for a mobility alternative and is thus heading in… Read More
1 year ago By: Admin
EUNORAU D-6 E-Bike Launched As Low-Cost Electric Road Bike
With the growing demand for the electric segment, more and more people are switching over to electric vehicles. However, what about those who don’t have the money to go for an electric car or simply don’t want one? Well, electric bikes are the obvious answer. EUNORAU is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of e-bikes.… Read More
2 years ago By: Admin
Let’s Look At The Cheapest E-Bikes & Why They Are Relatively Less Priced In Europe Than Elsewhere
The European craze for the electric platform has turned the EV and electric bike industry into a successful business. Here we delve into the cheapest and the best e-bikes that you can buy right now in Europe. Let’s see these bikes in the ascending order of their prices. We’ll consider various aspects including price, design… Read More
2 years ago By: Admin
What Kind Of Electric Bikes To Expect In 2022? Here Is The List
The go-green campaign has been extremely effective globally. The carbon emissions have been contained to a great extent. In this regard, electric vehicles and electric bikes have played a vital role. Several companies have joined the bandwagon by offering their products, each with a unique set of features. So, here is a list of the… Read More
2 years ago By: Admin
Ducati Adds Futa To 2022 E-Bike Range
Ducati is a renowned company in the field of bikes and its recent entry into the e-bike segment illustrates the growth opportunities that this segment is likely to experience in the upcoming future. However, the Ducati E-bikes range has been updated once again. The new Futa is the latest addition to this segment. This is… Read More
2 years ago By: Admin