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Learn About Joby Aviation’s California-Born Startup
Joby Aviation as the name gives away is an aviation company with a big aim. It is located in California and is striving to not just transform the world of aerial transportation but also to make it more accessible. What Is The Aim Of Joby Aviation? The founders of Joby Aviation believe that the world… Read More
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Electric Powered British Aircraft Takes First Flight
As the world of electric vehicles is trying its best to make the planet greener, the aviation field doesn’t want to stay behind. That’s why different companies associated with this segment are trying hard to make their airplanes more eco-friendly. The recent news from the UK sets high hopes as Cranfield University has developed an… Read More
9 months ago By: Admin
Rolls-Royce Smashed All-Electric Aircraft World Record
For some years now, there’s been a new technological race in the aeronautic world: electrification. This race reminds us of the years when young idealists and start-up companies designed and built planes to beat speed and distance records, which helped to improve the aeronautical industry. The difference with that golden era is that these days,… Read More
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