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Are Electric Buses The Next Big Thing?
In this article we talk about electric bus revolution which is more and more becoming the next big thing. The world is transitioning to the electric platform. All two and four-wheel driven automobiles will soon just be launched with the electric drivetrain. This is true, especially for Europe where the deadline for transition has already… Read More
3 months ago By: Admin
According To Musk, Tesla’s Robotaxi Electric Car Will Cost Less Per Kilometers Than Bus Ticket
The Cyber Rodeo held at Tesla’s Austin Gigafactory was special because Elon Musk announced the Robotaxi at the event. According to recent news, Musk has recently revealed more information about the Robotaxi. What Does The Robotaxi Strive To Achieve? The primary aim of the vehicle will be public transportation. This is why it is striving… Read More
5 months ago By: Admin
See This Cute Electric XBUS
The XBUS is adorable, but don’t mistake it for a toy-like van that gets you nowhere and only tries to impress with its sweet looks. The XBUS is an impressive combination of aesthetics and cutting-edge technology because it has four-wheel drive thanks to four separate motors that produce a total of 1000 Nm. The XBUS’s… Read More
7 months ago By: Steve Daly
North American School Buses Will Be Converted to Fully Electric
America hasn’t always been at the forefront, when it comes to tackling climate change. We usually see European countries taking the limelight for that. But it seems that things are taking a turn for the good, and change is coming sooner than expected. A few days ago, SAE Electric and Midwest Transit Equipment (MTE) inked… Read More
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Royal Mail Electric Vans Fleet
The Royal Mail has been delivering letters and parcels across the world for centuries. The postal and courier service began in 1516 and they are still in business today! That is a mind-blowing achievement, to say the least, but one which would make anyone proud.  We would be amiss not to applaud the Royal Mail… Read More
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Everyday business vehicle – Arrival
The Royal Mail is going electric as vehicle manufacturers worldwide focus on cleaner vehicles. Arrival described as a “global technology company developing electric vehicles with game-changing technologies.” Based in the United Kingdom and the United States, the company plans to build electric buses and vans using its designs and software. Arrival, based in Banbury, developed… Read More
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