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New Apollo City 2022 Electric Scooter Review
As the world feels determined to embark on a journey towards a greener future, the electric scooter segment is gaining pace. The Apollo City 2022 is yet another electric scooter from a famous manufacturer that has often been linked to such high-quality mobility machines. It’s A Product With A Purpose However, this time the company… Read More
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Innovation For Scooters – Superpedestrian Introduces Technology That Corrects Unsafe Scooter Riding
As the electric scooter market is gearing momentum, more interest is arising in this segment globally. Superpedestrian is a ride-sharing company that has recently raised €114 million. It is now launching a Pedestrian Defense system as its latest USP. Why Is The Pedestrian Defense System Noteworthy? This system is highly unique because it will detect… Read More
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A Boom In Electric Scooters Is Noticeable. Here Is Why
The European market is particularly concerned about reducing global CO2 emissions and shifting to renewable energy. Besides this, the EU has also defined 2035 as the final year after which the sales of new ICE vehicles will be banned. This means that the world is looking for a mobility alternative and is thus heading in… Read More
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Taiwan’s Gogoro To Be Listed On Nasdaq This Week
As the world of electric vehicles progresses, new technologies are being developed. One such example is the battery swapping technology in which the Taiwanese brand Gogoro is leading from the front. The company also manufactures electric scooters and has a large number of customers. The latest news related to the company came recently in which… Read More
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NIU’s Fastest Electric Scooter Hits The European Market
When it comes to electric scooters, no discussion can be complete without mentioning NIU. This is because the company is leading the smart electric scooter segment from the front. Availability In Europe The latest update from the company was received this week when it started delivering its most powerful and fastest electric scooter to the… Read More
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Gogoro Introduces First Solid-State Battery Swapping For Electric Scooters
 Gogoro is a Taiwan based company that has its headquarters located in Taipei. It is known throughout the world for its innovative technology when it comes to battery swapping ecosystems. What Makes Gogoro Special? Gogoro is particularly famous for having produced more than 1 million compact sized batteries. The company has the honour of being… Read More
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Looking At Sustainable Transport As A Vision For The Future
As the population around the world is increasing rapidly, people are looking for newer and better ways to make the transport system not only effective but also sustainable. Why Is Air Pollution A Serious Issue For Mobility In Europe? The need for sustainability emerged when the global CO2 levels reached the ever high and thus… Read More
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The Husqvarna Vektorr Electric Scooter Is Just Around The Corner
As the world is moving towards the electric platform, more and more companies are joining the bandwagon by offering their versions of electric automobiles and scooters. Why Is Husqvarna Interested? Husqvarna is a Swedish conglomerate that offers a wide array of outdoor power products and thus this was the best chance for the company to… Read More
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Mob-Ion Introduces Hydrogen Electric Scooter Prototype Made In France
The Mob-Ion is the latest addition to the two-wheel segment which just like the EV technology seems determined to play its role in making the planet a greener place to live. The company is delighted to announce that the Mob-Ion is a made-in-France contemporary scooter, which, unlike many other Asian products, manifests premium build quality… Read More
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