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NASA Has Hired Canoo To Build EVs For Artemis Astronauts
NASA is one of the most high-tech organizations in the world. So, it makes sense that it has realized the importance of the electric world. Therefore, NASA’s recent step of hiring Canoo to build its electric vehicles makes sense. But this brings us to the next question: NASA operates in space so does this contract… Read More
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UPS’s Cute Little Electric Vans
As the world is switching over to the electric platform more and more companies are adopting it. UPS, the world’s giant in the courier segment, is one such example. The latest news from the company came recently in which UPS is now using a quadricycle sort of van that is powered by electricity. This is… Read More
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Royal Mail Electric Vans Fleet
The Royal Mail has been delivering letters and parcels across the world for centuries. The postal and courier service began in 1516 and they are still in business today! That is a mind-blowing achievement, to say the least, but one which would make anyone proud.  We would be amiss not to applaud the Royal Mail… Read More
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