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Making Sense Of The Latest UN Report On Climate Change
The IPCC has released its findings from its 6th climate report. Despite a global awareness of the climate change situation, changes aren’t being made quick enough. Somehow, carbon emissions are at an all-time high and the world is still on a track to meet disaster. The UN climate report blames continued investment in fossil fuel… Read More
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Is Canada Ready To Ban Gas Cars?
As the global pressure to reduce emissions is increasing on governments, drastic measures are being taken to curtail the problem. One such example is Canada’s quest to improve its air content through its latest €82 billion “2030 Emission Reduction Plan”. This huge budget shows how concerned the country is about its future. What Are Canadian… Read More
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EV Supply Chain Carbon Emissions Lower Than ICE Vehicles 
CO2 is a major cause of global pollution. With the growing global emphasis on keeping the carbon footprint low, more and more countries are joining the EV bandwagon. Electric vehicles are rapidly being adopted due to their zero tailpipe emissions. Yet, many people have apprehensions. They believe that the indirect emissions of EVs are much greater… Read More
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