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Largest EU Battery Recycling Plant Comes Online
As the EV world is progressing at a rapid pace, the shift to this segment is taking place at a surprisingly fast rate. However, allied to this shift is the problem of thousands of EV batteries that will become useless each year. This problem was highlighted a few years ago and thus EU battery recycling… Read More
10 months ago By: Admin
VW and BP Are Expanding 8,000 EV Chargers Across EU/UK
As the electric vehicle segment gains momentum, we see more and more collaboration. One such recent example is the partnership between VW and BP which aims to expand the EV charging network of the latter company. The collaboration will begin immediately and will spread across the EU and the UK for now. However, in the… Read More
11 months ago By: Admin
The Best EV Tax Benefits & Purchase Incentives In The EU
As the adoption of the EV segment is one of the top priorities of the EU region, several tax benefits and purchase incentives are offered to customers. Here we discuss the best of these options through which you can save a substantial amount of money. We discuss these incentives based on the regions where they… Read More
11 months ago By: Admin
How Much Will We Pay for Electricity After the Ukraine Invasion?
The Russian invasion of Ukraine has put the global markets in tumult as the western nations, including the US and EU, have slapped broad-ranging sanctions on Russia. Energy prices were also affected by the conflict and sanctions, pushing oil to around $139, its highest level since 2008. Similarly, the U.S. natural gas futures (NG1:COM) are… Read More
1 year ago By: Christian Thomas