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Here Are 6 Effective Ways To Extend The EV Battery Life
Electric vehicles have received global appreciation because of their multifaceted benefits. This has played a pivotal role in the success of this platform. However, the range of such electric vehicles continues to be one of the pain points for users. Therefore, here are some tips and ways which can be used to effectively extend the… Read More
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How Does Hot Weather Affect EV Range?
The electric segment is still pretty new. This is why customers often have questions about how different conditions affect these vehicles. In this article, we discuss the effect of hot weather on the EV range. Besides this, we also highlight some tips to improve the life of your EV battery during hot weather. How Much… Read More
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Nissan and NASA Partner On A 15-Minutes EV Charging Technology
Japanese automaker Nissan is exploring the possibilities of developing revolutionary battery technology. Such solid-state batteries might have an impressive 15 minute charging time. Nissan is collaborating with NASA for developing this EV battery technology. Researchers from the University of California are also assisting Nissan and NASA in their quest to develop this new technology. The… Read More
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CATL’s Battery Plant In Germany, It’s First Out Of China
When it comes to EV battery manufacturing, CATL has a distinct presence. It is currently the world’s largest EV battery manufacturer by installed capacity and the situation has been this way for the past five years. The giant however is in no mood of settling down anytime soon. So, for complementing its Chinese manufacturing facilities… Read More
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Is Lithium Really The “New Oil”?
During recent human history, oil has been the most sought reserve, and that too in abundance. However, as our lifestyles change, the dramatic increase in demand for lithium has sparked a new debate. The agenda of this debate is whether or not Lithium is the new oil, because if it is, countries with Lithium will… Read More
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VW And Its Latest Decision Regarding EV Battery
In this article we talk about VW and its latest decision regarding EV battery. While the world of EVs is booming at the moment, it makes sense that Volkswagen which is one of the leading companies in the segment right now is adopting a proactive approach regarding the future of its batteries. VW’s Battery Plans… Read More
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