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Hackers Are Increasingly Targeting EV Chargers: Report
The expanding EV segment is a good sign for the planet. However, according to a recent report, electric charge points are highly vulnerable to attacks by hackers. This is why the number of hacking attacks is increasing day by day. Two types of hackers try to find their way into the system of EV chargers.… Read More
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Everything You Need To Know About The Zap-Map App
We all know that electric vehicles are the future. However, for now, this segment is plagued by a lack of sufficient number of EV chargers. Resultantly, EV owners face difficulties in locating and charging their vehicles even in the most developed nations of the world. Several apps have been launched in an attempt to minimize… Read More
11 months ago By: Admin
EV Charging Guide For Beginners
We’ve all been accustomed to ICE vehicles all our lives. This is why most of us are well aware of how to get our gasoline and diesel vehicles refilled. However, when it comes to charging an EV, the same can’t be said. This article explains the basics of EV charging for beginners and aims to… Read More
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England Is Taking Action To Develop Affordable Electric Car Chargers
Lawmakers in the UK have already formulated a plan to ban the sale of petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. The legislation comes into effect in 2030, with several auto manufacturers looking to offer EVs before that time. However, before electric vehicles can take over the streets, the government must clear a few obstacles. They have to… Read More
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