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Wireless Charging Technology For EVs
The world we live in today has started going wireless. If you look around yourself, your phones and now even their chargers are wireless. Similarly, you use the internet wirelessly and you know how convenient your life has become as a result of this. The need for wireless EV charging is immense, owing to theā€¦ Read More
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Nissan and NASA Partner On A 15-Minutes EV Charging Technology
Japanese automaker Nissan is exploring the possibilities of developing revolutionary battery technology. Such solid-state batteries might have an impressive 15 minute charging time. Nissan is collaborating with NASA for developing this EV battery technology. Researchers from the University of California are also assisting Nissan and NASA in their quest to develop this new technology. Theā€¦ Read More
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You Will Want To Charge Your EV In Here
As the field of electric vehicles expands, the need to make the most out of the electric charging stations becomes mandatory. This means that the EV charging stations of the future can be anything ranging from all of the gas station designs we are familiar with to something completely new that has never been presumedā€¦ Read More
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Shell Opens The First EV Charging Hub
You realize that a segment is making progress by leaps and bounds when even the rivals start aligning themselves with it. This is exactly what is happening in the world of the automobile right now and the recent avalanche of electric vehicles is not sparing even the big guys like BP and Shell. Shell Embracingā€¦ Read More
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What Do You Need To Know About Home Stations For EV Charging?
The world of electric cars is seeing a rapid increase. This is why the charging stations and their demand is also increasing simultaneously. The segment of home stations is particularly hot these days because reaching public stations for every recharge is practically not feasible.Ā  The CES is filled with passionate startups looking forward to makingā€¦ Read More
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