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Best Electric Vans 2022 Review
Five years ago, if someone wanted a list of best vans, it would have mostly been comprised of diesel-powered vehicles. Although gasoline and hybrid vans did try to make a mark but they were not quite successful. However, electric vans 2022 are among the hot favorites and this is because of several reasons. One of… Read More
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Transition To Direct EV Sales And New Business Models
EV Makers Moving To Direct Sales As the global automotive industry evolves from Internal Combustion Engines or ICE-vehicles to electric, so too is the way in which OEMs are approaching vehicle sales. Traditionally, automakers have established sprawling dealerships on massive plots of land. These often act as showcases for potential consumers. Now, with companies like… Read More
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Kia Market Growth In Europe
Kia has experienced an excellent growth in the European market in the year 2021. As per the data released recently by the esteemed ACEA or European Automobile Manufactures’ Association, it clearly showcased an exponential market penetration of over 4% in 2021 which is 1% more than the market share of 2020 of the entire European… Read More
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Best-Selling EVs In Germany 2021, According To The KBA
Electric vehicle sales in Germany skyrocketed 13.6% in 2021, despite a global slowdown in auto sales owing to the crunch in computer chip supplies, as more car buyers opt for battery electric vehicles. According to data from the KBA motor authority, electric vehicle (EV) makers sold over 680,000 new passenger cars (BEVs and PHEVs) in… Read More
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What To Expect From The 2022 Electric Car Policy?
The electric car segment has seen a surge in demand lately. This market saw a 500% rise in sales during 2020 alone whereas one in every five vehicles sold last year in Europe was based on the electric platform. The huge increase in the popularity of these vehicles is likely to bring several changes in… Read More
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France Is All Set To Embrace The EV Revolution & The Results Are Obvious
France has always been one of the top nations of the world that have embraced all new technologies with open arms. This is why the country has once again been at the forefront in embracing global EV adoption and the results of the change are obvious. EU Has Been A Primary Reason One reason why… Read More
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Top 5 EVs Sales in Finland 2021
Electric car sales in Finland continue to expand quickly, achieving a record annual result of 22.9 thousand new registrations in 2021. Other than having one of Europe’s highest market shares of registered EVs, the country boasts a wide range of e-mobility innovations that continue to gain momentum. As of 2021, the number of new electric… Read More
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What is the future of dealerships?
For both buyers and businesspeople, car dealerships may be both difficult and enjoyable. Purchasing a vehicle can be time-consuming, especially if your understanding of automobiles is inadequate, leading to a poor purchase decision. Selecting which car dealership is best for you, determining which vehicle you like, and locating the finest post-purchase package are all factors… Read More
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Best Selling EVs Worldwide Of 2021
As the EV segment has been booming throughout the globe in recent times, taking a look at which the best-selling EVs around the world were in 2021 is important to find out which were the top choices for so many customers and what made them so hot. 1. Tesla Model 3 Tesla’s Model 3 is… Read More
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Best Selling EVs In Europe 2021
The recent push towards the EV segment in Europe has increased the demand for such vehicles and this is why a large number of electric vehicles were sold by various automakers in 2021. This article delves into the top EVs in Europe during 2021 and discusses what made these vehicles the best sellers so that… Read More
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