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Does The Future Increasingly Depend On Renewables? See Solar Powered Cars
In this article we shortly shed some light on the best solar powered cars available on the market right now. The EV segment had just one intention behind its conception: to reduce global emissions. However, almost all of us know that these vehicles have not been able to fully deliver the promises they made mainly… Read More
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2024 Fisker Pear – First Look At The Concept
If you’ve never heard of Fisker, you might not be alone. After all, it’s a relatively small company that is based in the United States. However, it is worth knowing that Foxconn, the telecom giant is behind the Fisker brand name which means that the company has strong support and is here to last. Previously… Read More
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Fisker Accepting Reservations For The PEAR EV Without Providing Any Information About The Vehicle
We all know that the EV market is booming right now and that many automakers are jumping on board to increase sales, but Fisker has set a market first by making its Pear EV available for reservation without providing any information about the vehicle. The news came a week ago when the Ohio based Pear… Read More
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