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A Guide For Your Future EV
Here you are welcome to meet a guide for your future EV. As the electric vehicle segment is developing, interested buyers have more options than ever before. While this is great, it also makes the purchase decision more complicated. So, here are a few guidelines for your future EV that will help you make the… Read More
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EV Maintenance Tips
In this article, we would like to talk about EV maintenance tips. Electric vehicles are one of the most advanced forms of commute in the modern-day. So, it is a common belief that for maintaining such high-end cars, special maintenance is required. However, you will be surprised to know that EVs require lesser maintenance than… Read More
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How Does Hot Weather Affect EV Range?
The electric segment is still pretty new. This is why customers often have questions about how different conditions affect these vehicles. In this article, we discuss the effect of hot weather on the EV range. Besides this, we also highlight some tips to improve the life of your EV battery during hot weather. How Much… Read More
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New Cupra Born EV 2022 Infotainment System & Interior Review
  Cupra is an EV manufacturer that is owned by the VW group. The Cupra Born is the latest electric vehicle from the company. If you are looking for crisp and relevant information about the interior and infotainment system of the Cupra Born, here is the video. How Does The Interior Of The Cupra Born… Read More
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EV Charging Guide For Beginners
We’ve all been accustomed to ICE vehicles all our lives. This is why most of us are well aware of how to get our gasoline and diesel vehicles refilled. However, when it comes to charging an EV, the same can’t be said. This article explains the basics of EV charging for beginners and aims to… Read More
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