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Hummer EV SUV Tops 65,000 Reservations, Ramping Up Production
GM’s Hummer EV SUV is one of the most anticipated vehicles of modern times. It has a fan base of its own and with no other vehicle even close, it is performing exceptionally well. This is because anything and everything else that is not a Hummer is just not good enough for the fans. Gigantic… Read More
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Can You Tow With An Electric Car?
We always hear that electric cars are better than their ICE counterparts mainly because they have instantaneous torque. However, what is the effect of this torque on the towing capacity or the towing ability of these EVs? To answer this question, first, we need to see what towing capacity is. What Is Towing Capacity? Towing… Read More
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GM Recalls Hummer EV Over Taillight Issue
The Hummer EV is probably one of the most anticipated vehicles of the modern-day. However, a recent bug is tarnishing the brand’s image by causing an issue related to the vehicle’s taillights. What’s worse is that the problem can’t be resolved with a software update and Hummer EV owners have to visit the dealerships for… Read More
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Hummer – Will It Maintain Itself As A Brand Of Military Machinery?
Hummer is a name associated with wealth and affluence. The brand’s gas guzzlers are regarded as the ultimate off-roading machines, but there’s much more to the brand than gleaming yellow and red-colored behemoths. This article discusses whether or not Hummer will maintain itself as a brand of military machinery. History Of Hummer In the 1980s,… Read More
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