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Tesla Is Using Cobalt-Free Batteries In Half Of Its New EVs
Tesla usually likes to keep stuff hidden from customers and the media. However, the auto giant has recently revealed an important piece of information regarding its battery technology. According to reports, Tesla used iron-phosphate cobalt-free batteries (LFP) in half of the vehicles it produced during the first quarter of the running year. What Are Cobalt… Read More
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CATL’s Battery Plant In Germany, It’s First Out Of China
When it comes to EV battery manufacturing, CATL has a distinct presence. It is currently the world’s largest EV battery manufacturer by installed capacity and the situation has been this way for the past five years. The giant however is in no mood of settling down anytime soon. So, for complementing its Chinese manufacturing facilities… Read More
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Can Aluminium-Air Batteries Replace Li-Ion Batteries?
The EV revolution is completely dependent upon Li-Ion batteries. This has forced researchers around the world to find an alternative. Primary reasons for this scavenge include: – Having an alternative when Lithium runs out; – Improvement in the efficiency of existing batteries. Aluminium-Air batteries are one such technology that has recently come into the limelight.… Read More
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