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Mercedes G Class EV Will Get More Efficient Silicon Battery Tech From Ex-Tesla Engineers
The Mercedes G Class is one of the most iconic vehicles of all time. It is an SUV that is highly revered even among celebrities. However, even this boxy vehicle couldn’t resist the change to the EV platform. Thus, Mercedes is now working to offer an EV variant of the G Class as well. How… Read More
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Tesla Is Using Cobalt-Free Batteries In Half Of Its New EVs
Tesla usually likes to keep stuff hidden from customers and the media. However, the auto giant has recently revealed an important piece of information regarding its battery technology. According to reports, Tesla used iron-phosphate cobalt-free batteries (LFP) in half of the vehicles it produced during the first quarter of the running year. What Are Cobalt… Read More
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CATL’s Battery Plant In Germany, It’s First Out Of China
When it comes to EV battery manufacturing, CATL has a distinct presence. It is currently the world’s largest EV battery manufacturer by installed capacity and the situation has been this way for the past five years. The giant however is in no mood of settling down anytime soon. So, for complementing its Chinese manufacturing facilities… Read More
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Sodium-Ion Batteries Go Mainstream
While Lithium-ion batteries have become ubiquitous with modern technology, a competitor is on the rise. Researchers working on Sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) hope to reduce the reliance on the former due to the impact of mineral mining and rising costs. Sodium-ion batteries present an opportunity to further reduce environmental impact and accelerate EV adoption. Some experts… Read More
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Which Batteries In Cars Are Better – Solid-State Battery Or Lithium-Ion Battery?
Findings Of Study Published In Joules It is often considered that Solid-state batteries are better than Lithium-ion ones. A recent study published in Joules had some interesting findings. According to it, the addition of liquid electrolytes to solid-state batteries makes them safer than their Li-ion counterparts. Another critical finding was about heat release. If there… Read More
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Study Shows That Battery Recycling Process Can Be More Efficient
With the increasing demand for EV batteries, recycling them has become vital. However, most methods that we use for this purpose are not very efficient. However, this might be about to change in the future. A recent study has been published1 by the Swedish Chalmers University of Technology. This study puts forward an efficient recycling… Read More
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New Graphene-Based Battery Technology For EV Fast Charging
As the world is quickly headed towards a complete EV adoption, the biggest issue for those who decide to go down this lane is the extensive amount of time that the process of charging EV batteries takes. This is why scientists and EV manufacturers are always on the hunt for newer and better methods that… Read More
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5 EVs Myths Busted
While electric vehicles are widely accepted as the best technology developed by man that is not only efficient but also extremely safe for the environment, there are several myths about this technology that exist in the market, and this article aims to dispel them one by one. 1. EVs Are Worse For The Environment Than… Read More
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A Sad Instance As 4000 Luxury Cars Get Burnt
A really sad incident recently took place near the coast of Portugal when a car transporter caught fire resulting in the loss of 4000 luxury cars that were being transported through it. Which Vehicles Were These? Felicity Ace Ship was carrying these cars that had been manufactured by automakers such as Bentley, Audi and Porsche.… Read More
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Are EV Batteries Safe? Another Battery Recall By Renault Zoe
Batteries have always been considered hazardous products that are highly susceptible to environmental conditions. The fires erupting from batteries have been a major source of concern for all battery manufacturers. However, this is not a problem with which only the automakers deal. One such example is Samsung’s Note 7 smartphone which proved that a failed… Read More
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