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Some Great News From Lucid In Saudi Arabia
If you too like millions of others are a fan of the US-based luxury automaker dubbed Lucid, the company has got some great news for you & this time from an unexpected country, Saudi Arabia. Billions Of Euros To Be Invested In Lucid According to reports, during the next 15 years, the company is all… Read More
4 months ago By: Hamza Naveed
Lucid Motors To Launch Luxury Sedans In Europe
Lucid is a luxury electric vehicle manufacturer that has offered amazing luxury sedans to customers in the North American market. However, there are reports that Lucid Motors is now eyeing the European market. This is being done to expand the production as well as to get more sales figures. Where Will Lucid Vehicles Be Launched… Read More
4 months ago By: Admin
Lucid Just Debuted Its Air Grand Touring Performance With Jaw-dropping Four-Digit Horsepower Figures
Lucid is a startup that has been killing it lately with its Lucid Air all-electric luxury sedans. The company previously received global acclaim with the Lucid Air Dream P model of the vehicle. This limited edition variant had a jaw-dropping 1,111 horsepower. The power was outrageous, but so was the price due to its super… Read More
5 months ago By: Admin
How Far Can An Electric Car Go?
The EV segment is likely to expand in the upcoming future. According to reports, by 2030, the number of EVs on roads might even cross the 145 million mark. However, one fact that keeps customers from shifting over to the electric platform is their range. Many people have severe issues about how far they can… Read More
5 months ago By: Admin
Top EVs With The Longest Range
As the number of electric cars increases rapidly, it is incumbent upon interested individuals to find out which are the best of them in terms of range. This article is aimed at helping out such people by delving into the details of such electric cars. Let’s see the top EVs in the ascending order of… Read More
6 months ago By: Admin
Lucid Motors Stocks Fell Due To Problems Lowering Production Targets
What Is Lucid Motors? Lucid Motors (NASDAQ:LCID) is a luxury electric vehicle maker based in Newark, California, with its AMP-1 production facility in Casa Grande, Arizona. The company has long been touted as a Tesla-rival, and officially delivered its first vehicles in the fall of 2021. Lucid’s CEO is Peter Rawlinson, a former engineer and… Read More
6 months ago By: Admin
Does Lucid Air Beat Tesla?
Tesla, A Class Apart Having a Tesla vehicle is more of a fad these days. It’s a fashion statement that the rich and trendy have adopted to not only show their appreciation for emerging technology but also to simultaneously express their concern for the environment. Does Lucid Air Have What It Takes? With several manufacturers… Read More
11 months ago By: Admin