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Polestar 5 – What Do We Know So Far?
Polestar is the performance brand of the world-renowned automotive company Volvo. For now, the company has only two models dubbed the Polestar 1 & 2 whereas according to reports the Polestar 3 will also be made available in the latter part of the current year. The Polestar 4 which will have an SUV format, will… Read More
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Tesla Updates Model S/X With The Ability To Tilt The Display
Tesla is known for offering state of the art technological features in its vehicles. However, this is not the only factor that makes Tesla vehicles special. The infotainment systems and the gargantuan screens on Tesla vehicles are also one of the reasons for their fame. According to reports, the automaker has recently brought a Tesla… Read More
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How Far Can An Electric Car Go?
The EV segment is likely to expand in the upcoming future. According to reports, by 2030, the number of EVs on roads might even cross the 145 million mark. However, one fact that keeps customers from shifting over to the electric platform is their range. Many people have severe issues about how far they can… Read More
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Top EVs With The Longest Range
As the number of electric cars increases rapidly, it is incumbent upon interested individuals to find out which are the best of them in terms of range. This article is aimed at helping out such people by delving into the details of such electric cars. Let’s see the top EVs in the ascending order of… Read More
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Tesla Has Increased Prices For All Models
The electric vehicle segment is heating up & major players have already been able to set themselves up in the field. Tesla is one such company that is presently operating not just in North America but also in Europe. Price Increase By Tesla Tesla has recently announced an increase in prices of all models. This… Read More
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Tesla After 600,000 Kilometers
While gasoline and diesel vehicles have proven to be long-lasting, the future of electric vehicles is still up in the air. A California based company known as Tesloop got into the limelight a few years ago due to its Tesla Model S. This car dubbed eHawk had been driven more than 643k kilometers by the… Read More
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