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NASA’s X-57 Maxwell Will Start Test Flights Next Month
NASA had been previously known just for its space explorations. This was a huge field in itself which required massive input and resources. However, this has not kept the US agency from entering the electric aviation segment. NASA In The Aviation Industry, For Real? Well, a decade ago could you even imagine NASA working on… Read More
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NASA Has Hired Canoo To Build EVs For Artemis Astronauts
NASA is one of the most high-tech organizations in the world. So, it makes sense that it has realized the importance of the electric world. Therefore, NASA’s recent step of hiring Canoo to build its electric vehicles makes sense. But this brings us to the next question: NASA operates in space so does this contract… Read More
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Nissan and NASA Partner On A 15-Minutes EV Charging Technology
Japanese automaker Nissan is exploring the possibilities of developing revolutionary battery technology. Such solid-state batteries might have an impressive 15 minute charging time. Nissan is collaborating with NASA for developing this EV battery technology. Researchers from the University of California are also assisting Nissan and NASA in their quest to develop this new technology. The… Read More
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