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NIO US Production Facility Might Be Closer Than You Think
In this article we delve into NIO US production facility which might be closer than you think. NIO is one of the leading Chinese EV automakers. This is why the company is now eyeing the EV segment out of the country. NIO Hunting New Professionals According to recent reports, the company is on the hunt… Read More
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EV Startups In 2022: Future Prospects
While most automobile manufacturers have been around for several decades, most companies manufacturing EVs are pretty new. That’s why this segment offers a lot more opportunities to these newer companies than the conventional ICE segment. Here we discuss the top 10 EV startups in 2022 and discuss their performance. Besides this, we also shed some… Read More
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Tesla Competitors – Which EV Stocks to Buy?
Over the past couple of years, there has been a major shift in the automotive industry towards electrification. Nearly every automaker in the world has an electric model on the market or in production. The explosion in EV popularity has coincided with another global secular trend: carbon neutrality and the utilization of renewable energies. Tesla… Read More
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How CATL Is Developing Industry-First Zero Carbon Batteries
As the world is particularly interested in going green, drastic measures need to be taken when it comes to EV batteries as well. This is why a new debate is currently in circulation which pertains to zero-carbon batteries. What Is CATL? CATL which is the acronym for Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. is the largest battery… Read More
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BYD & Shell Are Working Together To Expand Energy & Charging Solutions In Europe
BYD is a Chinese automaker that came into existence in 1995. It is the acronym for Build Your Dreams. This shows that the company is willing to go to all means when it comes to innovation. The automaker recently disclosed its plans of working with Shell. This partnership will aim to expand energy and charging… Read More
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NIO ET7 Test Drives Begin In China
What Is NIO? NIO is a futuristic automobile manufacturer from China. The company was established in 2014. Here are the few important credentials of NIO: – Total Assets: €61 billion; – Operating Income: €0,8 billion; – Number of employees: Around 7000; – Number of Locations: 5; – Areas Served: China, Germany, UK, USA & Norway.… Read More
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EV Battery Swap – Is It A Good Idea?
China has been at the forefront of the electric vehicle market and NIO is one company that has been in the news for quite some time now. NIO Is Back In The News With EV Battery Swapping This time NIO is offering an entirely new approach to the world of EV that has the potential… Read More
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NIO, The Biggest Competitor For Tesla?
Tesla is the biggest electric vehicle maker, with almost a million vehicles shipped in 2020. However, Tesla is getting competition from other EV makers, including other startups. One of the startups is NIO, a Chinese company making a splash in the EV segment. Given NIO’s recent performance, is it giving big competition to Tesla? With… Read More
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Electric Vehicle Stocks
If you have been paying any attention to the stock market over the past few years, you will already know that the electric vehicle sector is one of the hottest industries to invest in. But does that make EV stocks a good investment? If we use the traditional measure of which stock makes a good… Read More
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New 2022 EV Models In Europe Market
Electric vehicle lovers are everywhere, including Europe. As one of the biggest and most developed markets for battery-powered cars, EV makers are paying close attention and trying to grab as much market share as possible, thus in this article you can dig into the 2022 EV models in Europe. There is no reason for the… Read More
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