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Largest EU Battery Recycling Plant Comes Online
As the EV world is progressing at a rapid pace, the shift to this segment is taking place at a surprisingly fast rate. However, allied to this shift is the problem of thousands of EV batteries that will become useless each year. This problem was highlighted a few years ago and thus EU battery recycling… Read More
9 months ago By: Admin
XPeng P5 EV Arrives In Four European Countries
When it comes to EVs, China is leading from the front. XPeng is one of the biggest automakers in the country and it is now entering the European market, with just one aim: to conquer. What makes XPeng particularly important is that it is being viewed as a direct rival to Tesla. The company is… Read More
11 months ago By: Admin
New startup Fresco announces the electric crossover
Electric vehicles are already commonplace on the roads, with an increasing number of all-electric versions on the market. The electric effect is already in full swing, with major manufacturers pledging to offer a greater range of pure electric vehicles in the future, while diesel-dependent businesses are witnessing sales decline. In recent years, automakers have promised… Read More
12 months ago By: David Miller
Fact Check: The Range Of Top EVs Is Lower Than That Stated By The Manufacturers
 While EVs gain momentum and continue to become one of the fads of the modern-day, many people claim that the EV range provided by manufacturers is not what is delivered by their products. This might sound surprising and a bit disappointing, to be honest, but facts state that several top-notch EV manufacturers provide bloated range… Read More
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First Electric Container Ship Debut
With the world quickly shifting towards EVs, it was expected that other forms of transportation will also follow suit. This is exactly what happened recently when a Norwegian electric container ship completed its first voyage. The big thing is that the electric ship is likely to reduce 1000 tons of annual carbon emissions. Specifications Of… Read More
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