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Learn About Joby Aviation’s California-Born Startup
Joby Aviation as the name gives away is an aviation company with a big aim. It is located in California and is striving to not just transform the world of aerial transportation but also to make it more accessible. What Is The Aim Of Joby Aviation? The founders of Joby Aviation believe that the world… Read More
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NASA’s X-57 Maxwell Will Start Test Flights Next Month
NASA had been previously known just for its space explorations. This was a huge field in itself which required massive input and resources. However, this has not kept the US agency from entering the electric aviation segment. NASA In The Aviation Industry, For Real? Well, a decade ago could you even imagine NASA working on… Read More
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Will The Commuter Electric Plane Become A New Revolution?
The world of EVs is seeing rapid progress. It is therefore opening newer avenues for the world to explore but the aviation segment seemed to be lagging and that’s why a startup called Eviation has realized the prospect offered by the field and thus stepped in to capitalize on the opportunity.  One such example is… Read More
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