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10 Tips To Improve Your EV Range
Range anxiety is one of the most deterring aspects of the electric vehicle segment. This is why here are 10 tips to improve your EV range. 1. Drive Rationally The first and foremost step you can take to improve the range of your EV is to drive it more sensibly. If you push the pedal… Read More
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BMW i4 With 390 kW & 590 Km Range Review
As BMW offers more and more electric vehicles, the automaker is making it obvious that it has no intention of coming slow. The recent reveal of the more powerful and capable BMW i4 tells a story of its own. Here we review this new vehicle model and delve into the details of what makes it… Read More
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Lucid Air Dream Edition R Review
This article delves to the specifications of Lucid Air Dream Edition R. If you’re fond of electric vehicles, it is impossible that you aren’t aware of Lucid Air. This vehicle from a US-based new automaker is one of the Tesla Model S rivalling sedans that offers great range and imposing performance. The Lucid Air Dream… Read More
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Here Are 6 Effective Ways To Extend The EV Battery Life
Electric vehicles have received global appreciation because of their multifaceted benefits. This has played a pivotal role in the success of this platform. However, the range of such electric vehicles continues to be one of the pain points for users. Therefore, here are some tips and ways which can be used to effectively extend the… Read More
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2024 Fisker Pear – First Look At The Concept
If you’ve never heard of Fisker, you might not be alone. After all, it’s a relatively small company that is based in the United States. However, it is worth knowing that Foxconn, the telecom giant is behind the Fisker brand name which means that the company has strong support and is here to last. Previously… Read More
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How Does Hot Weather Affect EV Range?
The electric segment is still pretty new. This is why customers often have questions about how different conditions affect these vehicles. In this article, we discuss the effect of hot weather on the EV range. Besides this, we also highlight some tips to improve the life of your EV battery during hot weather. How Much… Read More
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Look At Tesla Model 3 As A 6-Ton Electric Tank
We often hear about projects that make little to no sense but are still carried out by enthusiasts in a bid to gain fame. A similar instance happened lately in which a Tesla Model 3 vehicle was converted into a 6-ton electric tank. The chain tracks of this mammoth render it capable of overcoming all… Read More
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Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Completes 1,000 Km On A Single Charge
Mercedes has always been known for doing the extraordinary. The automaker is prominent for doing stuff that has never been done before to get results never even thought of before. The same is the case with the Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX vehicle which started as a vision, but the automaker has recently shown that it is… Read More
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Polestar 2 Gets Upgrades – Thanks To Blockchain Technology
Polestar 2 was already an imposing vehicle. However, the automaker has now brought further refinement to it. Some of the aspects of the car that have been upgraded include: Design; Range; Sustainability. This article delves into the basics of all the major changes that have been brought to the vehicle. According to reports: The Polestar… Read More
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Used Electric Car – Is It Worth To Buy?
As the electric vehicle segment is flourishing, the prices of these used electric cars in the market are plummeting. So, what factors do you need to keep in mind while going on a shopping spree for such electric vehicles? This article addresses these aspects in detail and then discusses the pros and cons of owning… Read More
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