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How Does The Rivian R1T Truck Perform In A 112 KPH Test?
The Rivian R1T is one of the most imposing EV trucks out there at the moment. The company is seeing an enormous growth rate and this is why it is vital to know whether or not the truck delivers as it promises. Here we see how this truck performs in a 112 kph test. This… Read More
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Rivian Is Among A Few Automakers Outsourcing Electric Motors
The race among the automakers to stand out in the market of EV companies is inevitable. It has led to the adoption of various strategies and innovations. Apart from the quality of its vehicles, Rivian has managed to stand out. It is one of the few EV manufacturers to outsource its electrical motors. Why Is… Read More
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Top EVs With The Longest Range
As the number of electric cars increases rapidly, it is incumbent upon interested individuals to find out which are the best of them in terms of range. This article is aimed at helping out such people by delving into the details of such electric cars. Let’s see the top EVs in the ascending order of… Read More
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